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At, we try our very best to make everything more than super fun to play – it's all super easy to use, too. But from time to time, even our cleverest players in our online game community need a little extra guidance. Slingo Knowledge Base to the rescue!
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I make emoticons in the chat?
The new Slingo Chat System offers a wide array of new features to help you talk to your friends.

One of these new features are the use of emoticons to express yourself in fun new ways! 

How to use them:

Some of the emoticons are set to replace commonly known text emotes such as:  :) , ;) , and :D  .  For these you won't need to do anything other type them as you normally would.

There are also a number of extra emoticons built into the chat system to let you express yourself in fun new ways! 

The basic format of the extended set of emoticons is a keyword with a colon on either side ( :<keywordhere>: )

For instance, if you want to use the cat emoticon, all you have to type is :cat: and when you press the send button *poof* it will be replaced by a cute little kitty! 

Make sure there are no spaces between the colons and the keywords or it will not be replaced!

Here's a list of a few of the emoticons you can use, however some of them are 'hidden', and you'll have to experiment to discover them all!  Looking at how the keywords are chosen for each emoticon can serve as a clue to figure out some of the hidden ones.

  • Big green grin = :grin:
  • Heart = :heart:
  • Sleeping = :zzz:
  • Whistle = :whistle:
  • Clap = :clap:
  • Huh? = :huh:
  • Rose = :rose:
  • Faint = :faint:
  • Cry = :cry:
  • Mean = :mean:
  • Dog = :dog:
  • Cat = :cat:
  • Thumbs up = :up:
  • Thumbs down = :down:

There are also a few emoticons we've built in as a result of common sayings that members JUST LIKE YOU have established to talk to one another.

  • Darn Devil = :dd:
  • So Sorry = :ss:
  • Way to go = :wtg:
  • Good Game = :gg:

There are a multitude of emoticons available in the chat right now, but we plan to add even more over time, so keep checking back here for more information about the new and unique ways to talk to your friends on Slingo!!
What is My Slingo?
Your My Slingo Page is your new home base.  You control all aspects of your account from here.  You can change pictures, edit your friends list, or even change your password.  You can also check your rank status, or check your Slingo Messages and Comments.

I can't see my game, what's wrong?
It is possible that you don't have the required software to play our games.  Make sure you have the latest version of both Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave installed on your system.  You can get both for free from

You could also have some sort of ad-blocking software that could prevent the game from loading.  Make sure to turn these off when inside a game room.

A good place to start is by logging out and clearing your browser cache and temporary files.  Then log back in and try to play.
My game is running slow, what is causing this?
Flash is a very CPU intensive program, meaning it takes a bit of computer power to run efficiently.  It's possible that you may have an older system that is not capable of running the games to their full potential, or maybe there is a flash ad also running on the game page.  Both of these situations could make a game run a bit sluggish.
What software should I have installed to use
In order to have the best experience on, it is recommended that you have the following software installed on your computer:

  • -Internet Explorer 8+, Latest Firefox, Latest Google Chrome
  • -Adobe Flash Player 11
  • -The latest version of Java
  • -Javascript Enabled
  • -ActiveX Enabled
  • -Popup/Ad Blockers Disabled
How do I ignore someone in a chat room?
You can now ignore troublesome users in chat easily.  Just click on the user's name in the player list and choose "ignore".  You should receive a confirmation in the chat window.  You can always un-ignore by following the same steps and choosing "un-ignore".
How do I register a free account at
It's easy! All you need is a valid email address.

To register a free account, go to and click Register Now or use Facebook Connect at the top of the page.

Put in your email address, your desired user name and password, and hit the Join Now button.

You will see a green check mark if your information is valid. If not, you will need to fill in a different user name and/or password.

If the information is accepted, you should receive a confirmation email. If you don't, make sure you used the correct email address, or check your email's Spam folder just in case.
How can I change my user name?
User names cannot be changed once they have been created.  To get a new user name, you would have to register a new account with a different and valid email address.  Slingo Coins cannot be transferred from one account to another.
Log In Issues
Please clearing your cache, cookies, and temporary internet files and then try to log in.

Also make sure that you have the correct user name and password before signing in. If you cannot remember your password, please go to to have a new password emailed to the address we have on file.
My Chat Won't Load
We are aware of the chat connection issues and are working to fix them ASAP.  We're sorry for the inconvenience.
How can I use Slingo Coins?
Slingo Coins can be used to enter our Prize Drawings and Sweepstakes..  You enter coins and are given entries into the random prize drawing of your choosing.

Slingo Coins can also be used to purchase extra photos slots to spice up your Slingo Profile, as well as other features in the near future.
What is the maximum amount of coins I can have at any one time?
In the past, the limit on Slingo coins you could have at any one time was 2,147,483,648.  We've decided that this just isn't nearly enough...

Slingo has now upped the coin limit to 99,999,999,999,999!

Now HOPEFULLY no one will ever reach this limit [although I bet someone will eventually].  So get cracking at those games and start building your Slingo wealth!
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