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Slingo Blast-Games With All Jokers?
2.03.2012 at 11:59pm

I've been having the weirdest thing happen recently. When I start the game, everything turns completely black, except for the score, timer, and spin button on the right side of the screen. I can't see numbers, I can't click on the spin button or the reels on the bottom, all I can do is wait for the timer to run out, and I end up with a score of 0 for that game.


Then afterwards, it's like I get the other extreme. I get game after game where I spin only jokers and super jokers on the reels, and I make four Slingos at a time (both diagonals, across the middle, and straight down the center) as fast as I can. I end up with over 400,000 points per game and max out on Coins. This lasts and indefinite amount of time, or until I leave the game (or the game stops working).


Does this happen to anyone else?


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