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This is a single post from the thread: Slingo Blast-Games With All Jokers?

Re: Slingo Blast-Games With All Jokers?
2.14.2012 at 7:46am

Holy cow, Lovebrew! 203 million?!? That's awesome. My high is now 90-something mil, but I typically score closer to 40 million. How do you get a 4 minute game? If I'm really lucky I get the 90 seconds to start, plus 15 seconds for devil protection, plus ~20 or so 2 or 3-second time bonuses... equals 2:45 max. Is there another undocumented glitch-feature, in addition to perma-blast?


Hey, that just gave me a great idea: I'm gonna start a new thread dedicated to the topic of undocumented aspects of Slingo Blast. See ya there!


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