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Bankers and Brokers

The objective of Bankers and Brokers is to score as many points as possible by beating the Dealer's Card in "High - Low" and having the best Poker Hand.
When the game begins, click on the "Deal" button to deal the cards. Choose one of the 8 cards to be the Dealer's Card. This card will remain face down until the game begins. Then, choose how much you want to bet on each of the remaining cards. Each card that has a value higher than the Dealer's Card will win. Each card that has an equal or lower value than the Dealer's Card will lose. When you are finished choosing which cards and Bonus Bets you want to take, click on the "Play" button. To quickly bet on All Cards with a maximum bet - click on "Bet All Max" To change your bets, click on the "Cancel" button.
If you bet on at least 5 Cards, you will have the option for a "Bonus Bet". When you select the Bonus Bet, your best poker hand (if any) will award you Bonus Payouts. To turn the Bonus Bet on, bet on at least 5 Cards and then click on the Bonus Bet or Bonus Bet Max button. If you "Bet All Max" then the Bonus Bet will already be active.
Each card that beats the Dealer's Card will double your bet for that card. Payouts for the Bonus Bets are shown by clicking on the "Payouts" button.
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Break the Bank in Bankers and Brokers 7 Card Stud! Get ready for an exhilarating round (or fifty) of Hi-Lo 7 card stud, Slingo-style. Come play a few rounds of Bankers and Brokers 7 Card and see what you've been missing! In each round of this Slingorific version of 7 card stud, you'll get a hand of 8 cards. Choose one to be the Dealer's Card, then for each of the remaining 7 cards, bet on whether you think your card will have a higher value. (You win the bet only if your card beats the Dealer's Card.) Bet one or two cards at a time if you're feeling a little cautious, or throw care to the winds and bet the max amount on every card! If you bet on at least five of your cards to win, you can also choose an optional bonus bet. This is where the 7 card stud poker element comes in. If the cards you bet on add up to a winning 7 card stud poker hand, you'll get a payout, and the better the hand, the bigger you win. Bankers and Brokers 7 Card will take you on a wild ride as you guess and assess, gamble and scramble to see if your luck will hold or if it's going to leave you hanging in the wind. Will Bankers or Brokers win the day in this challenging take on Hi-Lo 7 card stud? Place your bets and get ready to win, starting right now!
Game Suitbale for All Ages
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