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$3000 Sweepstakes - Details
1 winner will receive a cash award of $3000. See Terms of Service for more details on restrictions and eligibility.

Name and Address in the Member profile MUST be up-to-date in order to get any prize.
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Status: ACTIVE
Next Drawing: Wednesday, April 30
Cost of 1 Entry: 5,000 Slingo Coins
Max Entries: 1,000
How Often it Runs: MONTHLY
Runs for: 1 MONTH

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#Entries: 00
#You can Add: 1,000
Winner Testimonials
Thank you, So much! I can't believe this. I've never won anything in my life, I always loved playing Slingo games and now I love them even more!! Thank you so much.
Keith Davis
I know that no one ever thinks that they will win something from the Internet, but believe me it's true. It was a wonderful surprise. Thank you, Slingo.
Nancy, Stumblethumb
I just want you to know how thrilled I was to receive my prize! In my whole life I have never won anything! I am happy to report rang true to it word! I got mine in less than a week! Thank you and PIXIE-DUST for luck to the rest of you!
I have been a member of Slingo for some time, although have not played actively till last few months. In that short time I WON REAL CASH!!! Wow almost fell off my chair. Have played on other sites for years and never won a thing. Thank you Slingo for making me a believer that anyone can in.
Carol, Calgary Alberta Canada
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