Big Wheel Slot Game Review

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The Big Wheel slot machine is a Realistic Games innovation that was created to liven up the standard fruit machine formula by introducing several bonus games such as pick and win bonus rounds and free spins.

Big Wheel Slot Game

Sometimes there are so many bonus features in online slots that the fun of spinning the wheels takes a back seat to the gimmicks. The Big Wheel slot machine is the ideal blend of traditional slot action and cutting-edge bonus features. The Big Wheel slot game has only one pay line and three reels, just like a fruit machine, but it also has six additional extra features that keep the game entertaining spin after spin.

Theme & Symbols

The Big Wheel slot online has a great design – like most Realistic Games slots, the reels are set within a conventional brick and mortar-style slot cabinet, which fits the retro feel of the game perfectly.

The reels are made up of cherries that pay 5x, oranges that pay 10x, bells that pay 15x, and grapes that pay 20x and are surrounded by brilliantly colored flashing lights. The most profitable strategy is to line up three yellow ducks, which pays out 30 times your stake and gives you a chance to win again.

The Basics: How to Play Big Wheel Online Slot

The Big Wheel online slot is similar to a straightforward fruit machine in that it only has three reels. The Big Wheel slot UK is designed to look like a classic pub slot machine with nudge elements and flashing lights.

To get started playing the Big Wheel slot simply load the game at This can be done on any device including on the go via the mobile slot. Because the Big Wheel slot machine just has one pay line, placing a wager is simple. There are a variety of betting possibilities available, so you may play this slot machine for fun or for big money. The goal of the game with a single pay line is simple: match three symbols across the pay line to receive prizes (in accordance with the paytable). Bonus features are triggered by landing the Big Wheel icon on the center reel.

Big Wheel Slot RTP & Wager Limits

Like many other retro-inspired slot machines the Big Wheel slot game has a slightly lower than average theoretical RTP of 95.23%. Wagers on this game start at just 25p per spin but can reach up to £100 per spin. 

Big Wheel Bonus Features

There are no traditional Big Wheel slot free spins on offer in this game, however, there is an exciting array of bonus features, which are as follows:

Big Wheel Symbol

  • Super Jackpot: The Super Jackpot is granted to the player who lands three ducks, with the possibility of repeating this win up to nine times.
  • Roundabout: To discover a prize, a light will flash around the large wheel, and the player must stop the light on one of the symbols.
  • Rollercoaster: When players push the start button, the number of steps they have been given is revealed. The reels will then advance that many spaces, with each symbol landing filling one of the meters. Players will receive a prize if the meter is fully illuminated.
  • Crazy Reels: Spin the reels and win on all symbol wins in any position. Only when players land a 'collect' symbol do the spins come to a stop.
  • Ring the Bell: The reels will nudge until the payline contains a bell. Each ringing of the bell will result in a light appearing on the prize reel. Players continue to collect bells until they reach the highest reward or hit the 'stop' symbol.
  • Duck Shoot: The meter for the lowest prize will be lit first. Following that, the lights will flash on the next greatest reward. Players must simply stop the light in the correct location, and they will have three chances to do so.


Players will be able to use nudges in the same way they would on a traditional fruit machine. These are given out at random and assist players in positioning symbols in better spots. If your nudges fail to produce a winning combination, you may be offered a Super Spin, which guarantees a winning spin.

Play Big Wheel Online on Slingo

If you want to give the Big Wheel a spin then sign up and play today at where a whole host of exciting slot machines, Slingo games, Bingo games, Casino games, and more await you.

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