Dr Jekyll Goes Wild Slot Game Review

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Welcome to our Dr Jekyll Goes Wild online slot review. Here at Prime slots, you may need to prepare another pair of underpants as we're going horror genre with Dr Jekyll Goes Wild slot machine. Barcrest has created an interesting five-reel by three-row slot inspired by the classic horror tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 

Dr Jekyll Goes Wild Slot Game 

Dr Jekyll Goes Wild is inspired by its classic gothic scientific story all in one slot machine. Expect to see both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde when spinning this slot as well as his iconic science potion in this gripping slot machine. With its great theme and entertaining atmosphere, this slot offers everything you would like including gripping bonus features and entertaining colours. 

Theme & Symbols

Dr Jekyll Goes Wild is themed after the iconic book of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in which a man splits his negative and positive emotions in two. Just like the book, you will see both sides to Dr Jekyll in Dr Jekyll Goes Wild as well as other symbols including the royal playing cards. 

The Basics: How to Play Dr Jekyll Goes Wild Online Slot


Dr Jekyll Goes Wild is great for all horror-focused gamers. To start play, knowing what to do would be a good start. First, the slot machine will need to have its wager set, which can be done via the bottom left of the games screen under “Funds”, “Lines” and “Wager”. To increase the wager click the positive symbol and to decrease the wager click the negative symbol. This will increase and decrease those specific wagers per line. The number of lines can be changed in the same way on the line number instead of the wager number. To get the reels moving and the game to begin the slot now needs to be engaged by clicking the green arrow in the centre of the interface. This will set the reels in motion, stopping from right to left. Once they have stopped the player will be rewarded with either their winnings, bonuses achieved or nothing at all. If you win wait for the winnings to come in. If you achieve bonuses follow the bonuses guidance or see the “Bonuses Features” sections below. If no win was obtained the player will simply repeat the setting of a wager followed by another spin process. 

Dr Jekyll Goes Wild Slot RTP & Wager Limits

Dr Jekyll Goes Wild has a theoretical return to player rate of 96% which makes it a market average slot machine. This would be good for both beginners and veterans in the slot machine market to enjoy. The minimum betting amount on Dr Jekyll Goes Wild slot UK is £0.10 and the maximum bet accomplishable is £500. 

Dr Jekyll Goes Wild Bonus Features


The Dr Jekyll Goes Wild slot bonuses are as follows:

Wild Symbol 

The Wild symbol is Dr Jekyll. This was quite an obvious choice for Barcrest; it's in the title. Except for the scatter, he substitutes all other symbols.

Scatters and Free Spins

Technically, you'll win 10, 15 or 20 free spins if you get 3, 4 or 5 scatters anywhere in view. However, these are considerably simpler to activate with the big bet option, as you'll see in a moment.

However, one of two things can happen once the free spins are activated:

  • Get two wild symbols on the screen, and an additional three free spins will be awarded.
  • Obtain a wild and green potion to start the Mr Hyde Spins.

Mr Hyde Free Spins

These are theoretically limitless since they are triggered from within the free spin bonus games. As long as there isn't a red timer symbol on the screen, the wheel will keep turning. These are excellent since Mr Hyde is now wild and, when he appears, turns into a locked wild. This means that he will remain on the screen until the bonus games are over.

Big Bet Feature

You can start the free spins a little bit more easily depending on how much you spent. Because you make the large bets in groups of five, such as five spins at a stake of 20, 30, 40, or 50. Following that, it calculates how many scatters you've amassed throughout those five spins before starting the free spins.

  • 20 Big Bet gives 3 scatters triggers 5 free spins, up to 8 scatters for 75 free spins.
  • 30 big bet gives 3 scatters trigger 10 free spins, up to 8 scatters for 75 free spins.
  • 40 big bet gives 2 scatters trigger 5 free spins, up to 7 scatters for 75 free spins.
  • 50 big bet gives 2 scatters trigger 10 free spins, up to 6 scatters for 75 free spins

Play Dr Jekyll Goes Wild Online on Slingo

Dr Jekyll Goes Wild slot is a great slot for those horror enthusiasts looking for an enjoyable and atmospheric experience. Interested in trying the slot, then head down to Slingo.com, sign up for free and start your creepy adventure. Dr Jekyll Goes Wild can also be played on the go via a mobile slot on any smartphone and smart device.

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