Fruit Warp Slot Game Review

Fruit Warp Slot Game Review
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Fruit Warp Slot Game

The Fruit Warp slot online is a fruit-themed video slot developed by Thunderkick and available on the Thunderkick software platform. Instead of standard reels and pay lines, this game concentrates around 9 pieces of fruit arriving on the screen and making winning combos, as well as special features like Portal Respins and Fruit Mode.

Theme & Symbols

The stars of the show in the Fruit Warp slot are floating fruits that look like you could reach out and grab them. This is unmistakably not a traditional fruit machine. There are no reels in this strange and intriguing slot; instead, symbols fly over a brilliant green background with bubbles.

The music is relaxing and a little Caribbean, and you can hear the bubbles popping as the fruit falls. The unique interface is basic and different from the typical 5-reel slots that most gamers are familiar with. Fruits including oranges, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and black grapes are joined by more odd fruits like carambola, pitaya, and star fruit, which appear when you spin a win.

Cherries, plums, and strawberries are among the lower-value symbols on the reels. The oranges, bananas, grapes, starfruits, and Kiwanis are next. The dragonfruit pays out the most, 216 times your investment for a 9-of-a-kind combination.

The Basics: How to Play Fruit Warp Online Slot


Fruit Warp is a game that takes a traditional slot machine concept (fruit symbols) and flips it on its head. There are no reels, rows, or pay lines in this game, only a green background. This means that this slot machine may be a bit confusing at first, for new and seasoned slot players alike, but stick with it, because it will make more sense as you play. Luckily the Fruit Warp online slot can be played on all devices including on the go via the mobile slot. Once you've clicked spin, Nine fruit symbols will be hurled forward and settle in mid-air each time you spin. You'll be looking for winning combos of three or more matching fruits among these.

When you hit a winning combination, the cash value of each fruit appears. You'll probably get a few dry spins and three-of-a-kinds before you get to the major features, so be patient and you'll be rewarded.

Fruit Warp Slot RTP & Wager Limits

You can play the Fruit Warp slot machine for as little as 10p a spin which is great if you want to become familiar with this slot without taking too much of a risk. Once you’ve got the hang of things you can play Fruit Warp for up to £100 per spin. The Fruit Warp slot UK has a great RTP of 97% which is 1% over the current average. 

Fruit Warp Bonus Features


Fruit Mode Feature

This is the Fruit Warp slots version of free spins. The Fruit Mode feature is activated when you get a win with 5 or more matching symbols. The background color will change to match the fruit symbol that has been triggered. The Warp Meter moves one step forward for each symbol that matches the Fruit Mode kind. After then, there is a respin.

When at least one symbol matches the Fruit Mode kind, a new respin is rewarded (unless the Warp Meter is full). Furthermore, some steps have dynamic multipliers and additional lives. The value of the dynamic multipliers increases with each win. The multiplier increment is determined by the number of symbols in a win, which is distributed as equally as possible from right to left. The Warp Meter advances as you match symbols.

If no symbol fits the Fruit Mode type, there are Heart extra life icons that will offer 1 extra respin. A squandered extra life, on the other hand, will not offer a step gain. Finally, the final multiplier, which can potentially reach double digits, will be applied to your total win amount.

Portal Respin Feature

When you get a win with four of the same symbol, the Portal Respin function is activated. The non-winning symbols are then replaced with new symbols in a respin. It essentially provides you another opportunity to construct a larger winning combination.

Play Fruit Warp Online on Slingo

If you want to give the wonderfully unusual Fruit Warp slot game a try, then look no further than where this game and many more can be played at any time and on any device of your choosing. Sign up and play today.

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