Genie Jackpots Slot Game Review

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Welcome to the Genie Jackpot slot machine review! The perfect place for you to win big with this exciting new slot machine. Dive into a magical world of wishes with the Genie Jackpot online slot.

Genie Jackpots Slot Game 

The Genie Jackpot slot offers enthusiastic players the chance to work with Genie himself and try their luck at winning big amongst dreamy clouds. With bright colours, exciting characters, and charming vibes the Genie Jackpot slot game will provide everything a slot user is looking for. 

Theme & Symbols

The Genie Jackpot slot is based on Genie's magical style of golden lamps, lovely Egyptian temples and even cutlass swords. With Symbols such as the Genie himself, swords, temple and the royal card you will have a familiar yet magical experience in the Genie Jackpot slot and its mobile slot counterpart. There's something for everyone in this slot machine, so let's read on to find out more.  

The Basics: How to Play Genie Jackpots Slot Online Slot


Genie Jackpot slot is an incredible game to play so let's learn how the players can get started. First, a wager needs to be set. This can be completed by clicking the “+” or “-” symbol under the “Total Bet” section of the interface. This will increase or decrease the wager to the players liking making sure the player has full control of what is being bet during the time of play. Once the player is happy with the provided wager, they need to click the genie's golden lamp labelled “spin”. This will set reels in motion from left to right. The reels will also stop in that same order on their own accord after a brief animated spin. Following the spin animation, depending on the outcome, the Genie Jackpot slot Uk will award the player if successful with winnings/bonuses. The player will have to spin again if unsuccessful after they have checked their wager of course.   

Genie Jackpots Slot Slot RTP & Wager Limits

Genie Jackpot slot has a theoretical return to player rate of 96.54% making the Genie Jackpot slot nicely above the market average. The minimum bet amount is £0.20 whereas the maximum bet is £500 per spin. 

Genie Jackpots Slot Bonus Features


Free Spins

Genie Jackpot slot spins are started by landing a bonus symbol and a Magic Scatter on the fifth reel. The player will be taken to the Magic Carpet Bonus Game, where you can win anything from 10 to 20 free spins. 

Three Wish Power Spins

During the base game, the Genie will appear on the reels and instructs the player to choose one of the three magical lamps. Each lamp contains one of the five additional features listed below. 

Genie Wilds

These Locking Wilds, add Wild symbols to reels 2 through 5 and lock them in place. If you load a whole reel with locked wilds in the next few games, you'll be given more Free Spins. 

Infectious Monkey Wilds

This Wild sign, as the name implies, is infectious and will make other symbols around it Wild as well. 

Expanding Genie Wilds

When the Genie goes wild, any reel position can be turned into a Wild. 

Unlimited Multiplier

The Multiplier grows by 1 with each spin in this feature. As a result, all wages are effectively double. Plus, there's more. Respins are rewarded if two lamp symbols appear on the reels. The multiplier increases as you acquire more spins. 

Bonus Feature Reward

The ultimate prize, on the other hand, is guaranteed by 5 of a kind, which allows you to enter one of the bonus rounds right away.

Bonus Awards

There are two special bonus rounds in the Genie Jackpots slot:

Mystery Wins Bonus

Two Bonus symbols and a Chest symbol on the reels are required to activate this bonus round. The genie's lair appears on the reels when you activate the round. Then he opens one of his treasure boxes, pours coins out and displays your winning amount on the screen. It doesn't end there, though. You are then offered three lights to choose from, and each time you choose a lamp with the genie on it, you will be awarded additional funds. This only comes to a halt when you select a lamp that says "collect."

Magic Carpet Bonus

Prepare to soar in this additional round. To enter the Magic Carpet Bonus round, you must have two Bonus symbols. Pick one of the rugs, and the reward you've earned will be revealed. Remember that this is a Jackpot game, and it is during this round that the 'Monkey' climbs the ladder to the top prize. The round ends if you acquire a "collect" behind a carpet you choose.

Play Genie Jackpots Slot Online on Slingo

Genie Jackpot slot is a great fantasy-themed slot game. The Genie Jackpot slot game can be played at where you can sign up for free and get involved as soon as possible.

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