Hong Kong Tower Slot Game Review

Hong Kong Tower Slot Game Review
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Hong Kong Tower Slot Game

Hong Kong combines a modern metropolis with an ancient culture, with massive skyscrapers, lively streets, and closely packed buildings. It's now easier than ever to explore Hong Kong from your computer screen thanks to Elk Studios' Hong Kong Tower slot. Join us as we take a closer look at how this vibrant slot game ticks. 

Theme & Symbols

Hong Kong is a metropolis sprawling across an island and peninsula in the South China Sea.

It is a former British colony that now represents business, trade, and modernity. However, despite its popularity with tourists, Hong Kong is difficult to get from most Western countries, necessitating a long and exhausting flight. Fortunately, Elk Studios Hong Kong Tower slot machine allows you to feel the pulse of this bustling metropolis without ever having to board a plane.

The symbols used in this slot are excellent, with a lovely combination of East-inspired symbols with an urban flair. Bonsai trees, lotus flowers, fortunate sevens, and Yin-Yang bonus symbols can be found. It’s safe to say that the Hong Kong Tower slot has it all when it comes to appearances.

The Basics: How to Play Hong Kong Tower Online Slot


You’re probably itching to climb one of the magnificent works of modern architecture presented in the Hong Kong Tower slot game, but before you do, you’re going to need to learn how to play. The Hong Kong Tower slot can be played on all devices including on the go via the mobile slot.  

To set your wager click the "stacked coins" sign in the left bottom corner to control the coin size, which goes from 0.20 to 100.  

When you activate the betting picker panel on this slot, you have the option of selecting a betting strategy. Optimizer, Jumper, Leveller, and Booster are the four techniques available. After each win, Jumper will increase his wager by one level, and after each defeat, he will reset his bet. After 5 consecutive defeats, the leveler technique will increase the bet by 2 levels, and repetition will increase the wager by another 2 levels. After a win, this will be reset. After a loss, Booster boosts a bet by one level, and after a victory, it resets. All of these increase in value until they reach four levels over the original bet. The optimizer will automatically adjust the bet level to your chosen balance percentage. It is worth noting, however, that some of these betting options may or may not be available depending on your country of origin.

Once you’re happy with your wager click the spin button. The "Spin" button is located on the right side of the screen. If you want to check out the symbols used in this slot click the "Three Bars" button in the upper left corner to see the games’ paytable. 

Hong Kong Tower Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The Hong Kong Tower slot UK has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.3%, this puts it nicely above the current market average of 96%. As a medium volatility slot, the Hong Kong Tower slot machine is suited to all kinds of online slot players. The Hong Kong Tower online slot can be played for as little as 20p per spin, making it perfect for penny slot players. High rollers can also enjoy the Hong Kong Tower slot online for up to £100 per spin.

Hong Kong Tower Bonus Features


There are no Hong Kong Tower free spins, there’s also no wild or scatter symbol. but don’t be too disheartened because Hong Kong Tower has some great bonus features which revolve around the mystery symbol and the bonus symbol.

Mystery Symbol

The Mystery symbol looks like the game logo until the reels stop spinning, at which point it transforms into another sign. It can also transform into a Bonus symbol, worth 5 Bonus symbols in that instance.

Bonus Symbols and Wheel of Sky Feature

The Wheels of the Sky Bonus is awarded when three or more bonus symbols are spun:

  • The bonus game is triggered by three scatters.
  • 4 scatters equals one lifesaver in the bonus game.
  • 5 scatters trigger the bonus game, which includes two lifesavers.

You're in luck if you activate the bonus game with a mysterious symbol. Because this mystery symbol is responsible for three scatters, you get two extra lives when you enter the bonus game.

In the bonus game, you're sent to a brightly colored wheel with credit amounts and a special area too. You spin the wheel and win the amount that corresponds to it. If you get to the special section, you can continue on to the next wheel, where you'll find even bigger prizes. The section you strike turns "grey" after your spin, and you can spin again. You can keep spinning as long as you hit an area you haven't seen before. The bonus game ends when you reach a "grey" region.

Unless you have extra lifesavers, in which case you can continue spinning after losing a life.

Play Hong Kong Tower Online on Slingo

So, if you want to travel to Hong Kong without having to pay for a plane ticket then play the Hong Kong Tower slot machine at Slingo.com. Sign up and play today.

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