Mega Fortune Slot Game Review

Mega Fortune Slot Game Review
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Mega Fortune Slot Game 

Mega Fortune slot machine is a NetEnt gaming company creation. If you are looking for a progressive slot title that sometimes has jackpots hitting as high as 10 million-plus then the Mega Fortune slot machine is the game for you! The Mega Fortune slot is one of the most popular progressive slots around and with its slick graphics, bonus features, and the chances to win big with each spin! 

Theme & Symbols

Want to live the high life experience? Then try Mega Fortune slot UK with its theme set around the high life, with posh cars, yachts, and champaign in this immersive 5 by 3 reels slot machine

The symbols of the Mega Fortune slot fit the life of luxury that this slot presents to its players. Four low paying symbols appear as rings of different colors. The red ring pays 75 coins, for five while the blue ring pays 100, the yellow ring pays 125, and the green ring pays 150 coins. Next up are the big boys, the symbols you want to look out for, the high paying symbols. There is cognac and a cigar which can award up to 200 coins, then there is the gold watch which pays up to 300 coins, next is the big old wad of cash which pays 500 coins, and lastly, the highest paying symbol that you want to go for is the limo, rewarding the player with a staggering 1000 coins. 

You will want to look out for the speedboat symbol too as this is the game's wild symbol and can substitute for all other symbols apart from scattering, which is a bottle of champagne, and of course, the scatter is your key to the bonus round! Land five wild symbols and you will be walking away with 10000 coins! 

The Basics: How to Play Mega Fortune Online Slot


Let’s move on to how to play the Mega Fortune slot machine. First, the player must set the number of pay lines they wish to play for. Then the player must decide on how much they want to wager per line which is done by the value of the coin. Once the player is happy with their choice they will clock the center spin button which is a large green button with arrows indicating a spinning motion. From here the reels begin to start their motion, the motion will continue until they stop at random. Here awards will process as normal while unfortunate players will simply have to spin again. For those high roller players, a “Max Bet” button is close to the spin button to see if they wish to test their luck. The “Paytables” button on the left will display the payout rewards. 

Mega Fortune Slot RTP & Wager Limits

Mega Fortunes slot offers a different wager amount for its coins. Starting from £0.25 to £3 per coin. The player's wagers can be chosen from a selection including the max bet being a total of 80 coins costing £80. The theoretical return to player rate (RTP) for Mega Fortunes is 96.6%, which is above the current average return to player for slots of 96%.  

Mega Fortune Bonus Features


Bonus Game

Landing three or more bonus symbols will land you access to the Bonus Game. The bonus game is a jackpot wheel, or to be precise three different interlinked wheels. The game starts with the out wheel and the aim is to progress inwards, towards bigger and better prizes. The third and final wheel is where you can test your luck at the jackpot prize.


There are different types of jackpots used in the mega fortune slot game. There is the rapid jackpot which is the lowest value. Next is the major jackpot, and finally the MEGA jackpot, which is where the prizes in the millions are found, try going for one of these bad boys. 

Play Mega Fortune Online on Slingo

If you have enjoyed what you've read about the luxurious Mega Fortune slot machine and want to play the slot for yourself, then head over to, where you can have a hands-on go at the slot itself. Test your luck and see if the luxurious life is for you, good luck, have fun, and remember to gamble responsibly.

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