Monopoly Big Event Slot Game Review

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Welcome to our review of the Monopoly Big Event slot game! This review will be going over all the interesting features this slot machine has to offer. This slot machine includes great mini-games, bonuses and free spins! That is a serious amount of features to get into, so, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Monopoly Big Event Slot Game 

In Monopoly Big Event slot UK the player will be working to make money and connect as many symbols as possible. The players will see all their favourite features characters like the Car, Boat, and Dog, bringing back those loving memories of Christmas nights with the family (of course, this version of Monopoly is only for adults 18+).. 

Theme & Symbols

The theme of the Monopoly Big Event online slot is course the Monopoly game itself. The symbols included are those loving pieces we brought up before, the car, boat, cat, dog, and so on. Players can also expect the royal cards, to keep things even more familiar. Lastly, the Bonuses and Wild symbols are all eye-popping, so the player can not miss any of the fun when it comes.

The Basics: How to Play Monopoly Big Event Online Slot


The Monopoly Big Event slot is a great game for all who enjoy the classic board game that players are all familiar with. First, the player must know how to play so let's start by learning exactly how. To begin, the player must set a wager/stake, to do this the player will either press the “+” to increase the wager or the “-” to decrease the wager located in the top left of the gaming interface. Once the player is happy with their stake set they will proceed to the spin button located at the bottom centre of the gaming interface. This will set the reels in motion making each of them stop gradually on their own after the brief spinning animation. Once stopped, if the player is lucky, the Monopoly Big Event slot will award the player with their winnings or any bonus games that may land. If unsuccessful the player will need to reset their wager and proceed to spin again. It is that simple.  

 Monopoly Big Event Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The Monopoly Big Event slot machine has a theoretical return to player rate of 95.97%, putting this slot machine slightly below the market average, however, this difference is pretty much unnoticeable.

Monopoly Big Event Bonus Features


Big Event

The Big Event feature is triggered by landing the Big Event symbols on reels 1, 2, and 5. The Big Event game gives a sneak preview revealing chance card positions. If the Big event feature is triggered by three stacked symbols then the chance card positions of the 3 hotels will be revealed instead.

Community Chest Cards

Community Chest Cards can contain free spins and guaranteed wins. These are accumulative.

Locked Wilds

During the bonus round any wild symbols, you land will be locked in place for the entire bonus round.

Dancing Wilds

During the dancing wilds free spin feature, one of your five reels will be chosen to become a wild reel.

Guaranteed Wins

Players can receive guaranteed wins which will indicate the minimum number of wins they will achieve in the bonus round. This meter is reduced for each winning spin a player gets when using free spins. If there are guaranteed wins left at the end of the free spins round then they are played on a new reel set.

Big Bet

The Monopoly Big Event slot has a big bet feature in which players can bet. A progressive win multiplier is applied in this mode which starts at 1x and maxes out at x5.

If a player chooses the second big bet mode then they will be given a wheel to spin that can give one of these bonuses:

  • Progressive multiplier
  • Epic Spins (x5 multiplier applied to each spin)
  • Locking and Wild Big Event (the big event symbol becomes wild and locks in place for each of the 5 spins, 3 or more of these symbols will start the big event bonus)

Play Monopoly Big Event Online on Slingo

The Monopoly Big Event slot game provides some seriously fun features, bonuses and Monopoly Big Event slot free spins. This makes the game very appealing to all players. For some familiar fun while betting those stakes try the Monopoly Big Event slot today at or download it on mobile to try the mobile slot variety on the go. Remember to stay safe when you gamble and good luck!

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