Primal Megaways Slot Game Review

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Primal Megaways Slot Game 

Our primal instinct is on high alert here at Slingo with our Primal Megaways online slot review. Blueprint Gaming’s Primal Megaways slot UK is a game that uses their own Big Time Gaming’s Megaways mechanics. The game is a six-reel game with the number of reels on each spin fluctuating and ever-changing. On each spin, there are up to 25,000 opportunities to win so be on high alert for the many combinations up for grabs. Random symbol transformations and free spins are among the many features. If you want to take a walk on the wild side then keep on reading so we can take you through a deep and eye-opening Primal Megaways slot machine review. 

Theme & Symbols

Primal Megaways is themed after our long-lost primal days where sabertooth prowls, mammoths roam and danger is at every turn. Primal Megaways brings familiar symbols to an unfamiliar historical time such as the A, King, Queen, Jack, etc. But the slot also introduces animals as stated such as the sabertooth, mammoths, warthogs and even rhinos. This primal adventure keeps you on your toes with its colours and intricate interface to keep the player always hooked. Primal Megaways online slot is certainly interesting to keep the player, playing. 

The Basics: How to Play Primal Megaways Online Slot

Before you start playing and adventuring into the unknown of Primal Megaways you must first know how to play the Primal Megaways slot machines. First, you must set your wager by changing the “BET” amount below the reels interface. Here the player can bet a minimum of 0.2 or they can set a bet at a maximum of 5. This gives players of all backgrounds the chance to try and survive the Primal Megaways slot online. Once you’ve decided your wager they can go ahead and hit that green spin icon on the right of the reels setting the wheels in motion. The reels will stop randomly and award the player with any rewards for surviving the Primal spin. If unlucky the player will have to attempt another spin and any other rewards such as free spins or features will begin automatically. 

To win, you'll need 3 to 6 matching symbols on a payline, and the paytable for this game is as follows:

  • Mammoth - Pays up to 50x for 6 on a payline
  • Sabertooth tiger - Pays up to 5x for 6 on a payline
  • Rhino - Pays up to 2.5x for 6 on a payline
  • Warthogs - Pays up to 2x for 6 on a payline
  • Moose - Pays up to 2x for 6 on a payline
  • Card Suit symbols - Pay between 1x and 0.5x for 6 on a payline

Primal Megaways Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The theoretical return to player rate is 96.76% which is slightly higher than other average slot machines. The Primal Megaways online slot is played at high volatility. The slot offers a minimum bet of 0.02 euros and a maximum bet of 5 euros. 

Primal Megaways Bonus Features

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is a fossil and can substitute for all other symbols aside from the scatter symbol, to form winning combinations. 

Free Spins

The main Primal Megaways slot bonus is the free spins feature. In Primal Megaways, three or more scatter symbols will activate the free spins bonus. The number of free spins you get and the size of your multipliers is determined by how many scatters you get:

  • 3 scatters= 10 free spins + multipliers of x2 and x3
  • 4 scatters= 15 free spins + multipliers of x2, x3, and x4
  • 5 scatters= 20 free spins + multipliers of x2, x3, x4, and x5.
  • 6 scatters=  30 free spins + multipliers of x2, x3, x4, x5, and x6

Wild multipliers appear on the reels during this bonus round to help you increase your earning potential. If numerous multipliers are activated, they will be put together, allowing you to win some massive payouts if you're lucky.

Play Primal Megaways Online on Slingo

If you are interested in tackling the great Primal Megaways slot game for yourself then head over to the website or download it via a mobile slot device. Primal Megaways slot free spins are available on all platforms so playing on any platform will still reward the great features. Remember to gamble responsibly.

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