Reel Heist Slot Game Review

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Freeze! You’re under arrest! This crime-themed slot machine was created by Red Tiger Gaming, the Reel Heist slot. The Reel Heist slot machine is an entertaining online slot that offers the players creative distinction gaming experiences. The exciting bonus features provided in this 40-line payline game allow the player to catch thieves and collect their loot century, and the silly but fun characters make for a thrilling slot theme. So, you up for the challenge rookie? Then let's read on to find out more, on the Reel Heist slot UK. 

Reel Heist Slot Game 

So rookie? Did I ask a question? Are you ready? The Reel Heist slot is a fun and interesting game designed in a 5-reel by 4-row slot interface. The game has numerous bonuses, interesting characters, symbols and ways to win. Its fun and energetic energy continue to keep the interest of the player and provide unique situations which make spinning the reels an absolute blast.

Theme & Symbols

The Reel Heist online slot is themed after the stereotypical police with blue hats, badges, cuffs and even the old bright red and blues. The Reel Heist slot featured characters are wacky with their typical-looking thieves, as well as the policeman himself being strong and serious. The symbols in the game are a variety of police hats, cuffs, police badges, and wilds which perfectly suit the theme.

The Basics: How to Play Reel Heist Online Slot


The Reel Heist slot is very easy to sit down and start playing, either through an internet platform such as a computer or via their mobile slot variation. To start, load the game at Then  the player will need to set their wager amounts which are located at the bottom left of the game's interface below “total stake”. Once the player is happy with their total wager set then they can proceed to the spin button which will set the reels moving from left to right. They will of course after a brief time stops one after the other in the same way, from left to right. The player will then be rewarded with their winnings based on the falling of the reels. Any additional bonuses/features will take place if rewarded straight away. On the other hand, if the player is unsuccessful they will have to readjust their wager through the same method and then spin the slot machine again. 

Reel Heist Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The Reel Heist slot has a theoretical return to player rate of 95% which sits just below the market average making the Reel Heist slot great for those looking for a challenge in their slot machine experiences. The wager limits are different with the minimum wager being 0.10p and the maximum wager being a low but honest amount of £40. The maximum win that can be taken away is the bet x 2000. The Reel Heist slot also has volatility of high. 

Reel Heist Bonus Features


The Reel Heist slot bonuses are as follows:

Wandering Robbers

The thief might show up during a random spin on a random reel, and each one of those will be holding a wanted poster that contains an interesting cash prize reward. These payouts fluctuate randomly on the reels and range from merely 7 to 2000 times the player's wager.

Wandering Cop Wild Symbol

The cop shows up at random on the reels, although usually when there is a robber to be apprehended. The policeman is a moving wild symbol who assists in generating winnings everywhere he travels. However, his main goal is to apprehend a thief by circling the screen until he finds the identical case as one and receives the reward. Sometimes a police officer may swing his baton at a robber, knocking him unconscious and ensuring that you will catch him. However, this can be a pretty rare occurrence.

Play Reel Heist Online on Slingo

The Reel Heist slot online is a very interesting and fun cop-themed slot machine catered for all players to enjoy. The Reel Heist slot game provides experiences for players that are quite interesting like bonus features and wild but also delivers an interesting take on slot and robbers. If you want to give The Reel Heist slot UK a try, head over to to find out more.

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