Slingo Fortunes Slot Game Review

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Welcome to the Slingo Fortunes slot machine review! Here in this review will be discussing the Slingo Fortunes slot, its themes, how to play and so, so much more. This review dives deep into the understanding of the Slingo Fortunes slot game as well as all you need to know. So if you think that a Chinese-themed Deal or No deal sounds like the game that might interest you, keep reading on. 

Slingo Fortunes Slot Game 

Slingo Fortunes slot UK is a great introduction to something different in slot machine history. Slingo Fortunes slot online offers a slot machine mixed with deal or no deal. So if you are feeling incredibly lucky and want to give it a try then this is the slot machine that the players are looking for. 

Theme & Symbols

As stated Slingo Fortunes slot game is a Chinese-themed, deal or no deal combination. Bringing the features of a slot machine and the popular TV show together but in the form of envelopes. Symbols you can expect to see are 50 random potential symbols during 10 spins. There is also the well-known jolly little jester that you may come across now and then, want to know what he does, then head down to the Features and Bonuses. 

The Basics: How to Play Slingo Fortunes Online Slot


To start this Chinese-themed journey, the player first needs to set their chosen stake amount. If this is the first time the player might want to start low until they are comfortable with the mechanics of the game; either way it's whatever feels right to the player. When the player is happy with their choice, click “start game”.

When the player starts the Slingo Fortunes slot game 26 envelopes will appear on the screen. Each of the envelopes has a prize value inside which has been assigned at random. When playing select an envelope that best suits the player and press “spin” to make your first reel spin. Each game has 10 spins with each spin displaying 50 symbols at random. 

Play the Slingo Fortunes slot game and work to complete Slingos (that is marking off a line of 5 envelopes). If you complete 4 Slingos you will be offered a cash prize in exchange for the player's envelope. The player can choose to accept or decline this offer produced. If the player declines after each spin the player will be offered another offer. When the spins are over if the player hasn't accepted the offer to open the envelope it's time to open the player's chosen envelope and see if the Slingo Fortunes slot has been kind to you. 

Slingo Fortunes Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The Slingo Fortunes Slot theoretical return to player rate is 95% which is the standard for most Slingo Originals titles. Slingo Fortunes offers 12 win lines and 11 possible rewards. There is one award less than there are win lines as the last envelope to be marked off will complete the 2 winning lines. This game can be played for just £1.00 per game all the way up to £100 per game.

Slingo Fortunes Bonus Features


Lucky Envelope Amounts

The Slingo Fortunes Lucky Envelope amounts surround the game grid and are removed when the envelope containing said amount is removed from play. 

Slingo Prize Boost

The Slingo Prize Boost Ladder is found on the left-hand side of the screen and applies the following multipliers:

  • 4 Slingos: Envelope offer
  • 5 Slingos: x2 multiplier
  • 6 Slingos: x3 multiplier
  • 7 Slingos: x4 multiplier
  • 8 Slingos: x5 multiplier
  • 9 Slingos: x6 multiplier
  • 10 Slingos: x7 multiplier
  • Full House: x20 multiplier

The Fortunes Offer

The first fortunes offer is made when a player achieves 4 Slingos. Players can pick from the following options:

  • Accept: Take the offer
  • Decline: Open your envelope
  • Spin: Continue the game

If you decline your offer and choose to continue further offers will be given to you after each spin you make. 

Play Slingo Fortunes Online on Slingo

If you want to try your hand at this Chinese-themed culture slot then head over to, sign up for free and get cracking. The slot is great for those looking to play online or by any mobile slot device, such as a smartphone. Good luck on your adventure and always remember to gamble responsibly.

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