Slingo X-Scream Review

Slingo X-Scream Review
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Slingo Spotlight: Slingo X-Scream

Welcome to Slingo Spotlight and our deep dive into the excitingly spooky Slingo game, Slingo X-Scream. This fun and eerie Slingo title is inspired by all things Halloween and is perfect for those who love spooks all year round. Keep on reading to find out what we have to say about this ghoulish game!

Slingo X-Scream Theme & Design

Slingo X-Scream is Slingo, but Halloween style! This is one of the more recent Slingo titles and features great graphics and a bright and inviting layout. The game itself plays very similarly to other Slingo games, so it's really the theme that is the new element. Still, the Slingo X-Scream feels fresh and exciting and there are all the great features you’d expect from a Slingo title included in this game such as the Joker Bonus and the instant prizes awarded by the coin symbol.

Game RTP & Wager Limits

Despite its spooky design, Slingo X-Scream is a low volatility game with a respectable return to player of 95% making it a fun and accessible title for all players. Wagers for this title start at just 50p per game all the way up to £100 per game meaning there’s plenty of flexibility when setting your stake.

How To Play Slingo X-Scream


The Slingo X-Scream Slingo game is really easy to get to grips with even if this is your first time playing a Slingo game. Firstly, you’ll need to decide how much you’d like to wager using the + and - buttons found on the lower left-hand side of the game screen. When you’re happy with your stake simply click the button labelled ‘start game’ to begin playing. 

Like other Slingo titles, the aim of the game is to match the numbers that appear on the reel below the game grid with those that appear on the grid. A Slingo is achieved when you mark off a line of 5 numbers in any orientation. Each Slingo won will advance you up the prize ladder for bigger and better wins. Each game has 11 spins and you can purchase up to 8 additional spins once the main game spins have been used up.

Slingo X-Scream uses the following symbols:

  • Pumpkin Lanterns: Are the jokers and super jokers of this game and can help you mark off numbers needed to complete Slingos. Landing three jokers/super jokers within a single spin will award an instant cash prize.
  • Coin Symbols: Will also award an instant cash prize when landed on the reel.
  • Devil: Acts as a blocking symbol and will prevent you from making matches. 

Slingo X-Scream Features


Bonus Game Features

In regards to bonus features, Slingo X-Scream is pretty similar to other Slingo titles and has the following combination of bonus features:

  • Prize ladder system which increases in value after each symbol.
  • Joker and Super Jokers
  • The Joker Prize Bonus which awards an instant cash prize when three or more jokers/super jokers are landed within a single spin. 
  • The coin symbol which awards an instant cash prize.
  • A top prize of 500x stake is awarded for landing a full house.
  • The option to buy up to 8 additional spins after the main game spins have concluded.

Slingo X-Scream Mobile

All Slingo titles created by Slingo Originals have been created with mobile compatibility in mind. This means you can play Slingo X-Scream on any device of your choosing including mobile phones and tablets.

Come and Play Slingo X-Scream on Slingo

If you think you’re brave enough to give the Slingo X-Scream a try then look no further than the home of Slingo games, Sign up and play today!

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