Sumo Spins Slot Game Review

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Welcome to our Sumo Spins Slot machine review! Here we will be discussing the fun and enjoyable slot that is Sumo Spins Slot. We will cover the themes, the features, bonuses, and even how you, the player, can get involved. 

Sumo Spins Slot Game 

The Sumo Spins online slot was created by Red Tiger Gaming, together they put forward this intricate slot machine with top-notch gameplay, stunning graphics, and a variety of entertaining and exhilarating features. 

Theme & Symbols

The Sumo Spins slot is themed after the Japanese Sumo Wrestler and Japanese traditional Jogos. You will see symbols that suit the Sumo lifestyle such as the Sumos themselves, foods, and traditional playing card symbols. The Sumo slot machine provides fun and entertaining features with consistent bonuses. 

The Basics: How to Play Sumo Spins Online Slot


Before the player can enjoy their crushing from the great Sumo Wrestlers, they must first know how to play the Sumo Spins online slot. The first task to complete would be changing the wager. Players can change their wager by clicking either the “+” or “-” buttons located in the bottom left-hand corner of the slot interface. I'm sure players are aware but the “-” button decreases the wager and the “+” increases the wager for the player's wager. Once the player is happy with their set wager they will then have to try to spin and win. To do this players will need to click the yellow spin button located on the bottom right. The spin button is two black arrows in a circle shape on a yellow button. Clicking this yellow spin button will set the reels in motion stopping the reels from right to left one by one. The reels will then stop in the same order from left to right, awarding the player with any winnings straight away based on landed combinations or if a bonus is landed. If the player is unsuccessful they will need to adjust their wager so they are not chasing their losses and try again. This is how you play the Sumo Spins slot game. 

Sumo Spins Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The Sumo Spins slot game has a theoretical return to player rate of 96.16%, making the Sumo Spins slot UK slightly over the market average. This RTP makes the Sumo Spins slot great for beginner players and veterans as the game doesn't present too many challenges but does provide enough for those wanting to be high rollers.  Now that the RTP has been established, we should check those wager limits. The minimum amount the player can bet is a generous 0.20p perfect for those beginners stated earlier. But for those high rollers, the Sumo Spins slot provides an option for a massive £100. The maximum win provided by the Sumos Spins Slot can be a staggering 1000x the players placed wager. That is a lot. 

Sumo Spins Bonus Features


The Sumo Spins slot bonuses are as follows:

The Sumo Spins slot bonuses are stated below;

Red Rikishi Nudges

As the Red Wrestler appears, he will stomp the ground and nudge the symbols to ensure a win. 

Blue Rikishi Power Roll

To increase your chances of winning large, the Blue Wrestler will roll across the screen, leaving behind the only type of symbol in his wake. 

He can make payouts larger by rolling on a number of the rolls. 

Green Rikishi Respins

When the Green Wrestler appears, the reels are re-spun. 

Sumo Free Spins Showdown

The player will be awarded 11 free spins if there are simultaneously two Rikishi on the reels. Once you choose your warrior, that symbol will serve as your wild. They will combat each spin, and if your wrestler wins, he will remain and become a 2x2 wild symbol. 

The Red and Blue Rikishi always cooperate to battle the Green Rikishi when the SUMO SHOWDOWN is started by three Rikishi. If you choose the green wrestlers, they'll become a 3x3 mega wild symbol, while the red and blue wrestlers will turn two reels wild.

Play Sumo Spins Online on Slingo

If you feel you can take on the Sumo Spins slot machine and come out on top, then head over to and try the slot machine for yourself. The game can be played on any PC platform or you can try it on a mobile slot via any smartphone device.

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