The Price is Right Review

The Price is Right Review
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Slingo Spotlight: The Price is Right

Today our Slingo Spotlight is getting a touch of gameshow glitz and glamour as we bring you a closer look at the fantastic The Price is Right slot machine. Keep on reading to find out more.

About The Price is Right

The Price is Right so come on down! Slingo Originals is bringing the classic game show to your fingertips with this spectacular online slot version, so no more yelling at the TV when watching re-runs! Make your way to the stage for a chance to play all the great games that viewers have come to expect, along with the show's signature sound effects. This wonderfully creative slot, as you might assume, is stuffed with additional features, allowing you to be the star of the show and walk away with some big rewards, should luck be on your side.

How To Play The Price is Right


It's simple to play The Price Is Right online. Set your stake using the 'STAKE' button, then click the 'spin' button on the right-hand side of your screen to begin. You'll be given five connected spins of the reels, with the goal of finding enough bonus symbols in these five spins to launch a bonus round. You can keep track of your progress by looking at the top of the screen, which will display your bonus symbols.

You'll activate the bonus if you gather five matching bonus symbols. If you haven't received a bonus at the conclusion of the five spins, you can purchase additional to increase your chances. The cost of each additional spin is decided by the game's current position and potential winnings, and is displayed on the 'spin' button.

Alternatively, click 'END GAME' to quit playing and receive your prizes.

There are a few extra intriguing elements that will assist you in triggering the bonus rounds.

Three of any symbol on a single spin will activate the relevant bonus, and three of the Price Is Right logo on a single spin will earn one of each bonus symbol to add to your collection!

The Price is Right RTP and Wager Limits

The Price is Right has a theoretical RTP of 95.51% which is a pretty standard amount for Slingo Originals slots. This is more of a challenging RTP value but The Price is Right is pretty low volatility, which makes things a bit easier. Wagers for the Price is Right game start at just £1 per game and can reach a maximum of £100. 

The Price is Right Features


Cliff Hangers

This iconic game will be familiar to fans of the smash-hit TV program, and we're giving you the chance to play it for yourself! To enter the round, you must collect 5 Hiker symbols over the course of five spins. Hit 'SPIN' to spin each of the three reels at the bottom of the screen, and the Hiker will ascend the mountain in the number of steps depicted on the reel. You'll lose if the Hiker goes down the cliff, just like on the game show. The initial bet will be multiplied by the number displayed on the reels in the end, but you can 'collect' at any time if your final numbers will send the Hiker over the edge!

Master Key Feature

To enter the bonus, collect 5 Padlock symbols over your 5 spins and choose cards to eliminate until you find a key. If you expose a key, it will be added to your collection, and you can continue picking until all of the cards have been removed. Each key will be tested in each lock, and if the lock is opened, you will be awarded the prize.


The Plinko bonus is provided when you gather 5 pink dollar symbols across your game spins and is another famous game from the TV program. Over the course of three rounds, choose from four cards to obtain chips for your Plinko board and increase the number of prizes available. You'll be transported to the Plinko board if you find a chip. Choose where you want each chip to land, and the prize listed where the chip lands will be yours.

Half Off

Collecting 5 'Half Off' symbols activates the bonus round, in which you must pick cards across three rounds to remove losing boxes. Half of the remaining boxes are cleared if you locate a 'Half Off' logo (only losing boxes are eliminated). Finally, select your box to receive the reward inside.

Any Numbers

In this bonus, you’ll need to reveal numbers between 1 and 9, choose four cards from the menu at the bottom of your screen. On your screen, there are three numbers to fill in: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. To win the multiplier, fill in any of the numbers.

The Price is Right Mobile

The Price is Right is fully designed in HTML5 which means its fully compatible with all devices including mobile phones and tablets, making it great for gaming on the go.

Come and Play The Price is Right on Slingo

Come and play the Price is Right at Slingo, the online slots and casino site like no other. With slots, Slingo games, bingo, and casino games on offer, there’s always something to keep your entertained at Slingo.

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