YoYos Wild Slot Game Review

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Welcome to this YoYos Wild slot machine review. Today is the day you get to enjoy those nostalgic feelings of YoYos in the YoYos Wild slot. Eyecon created the YoYos Wild online slot. There are 25 lines in the traditional 5x3 format. If all this sounds good to you as a player, then remember how to do tricks such as ‘walk the dog’ or ‘around the world’ then grab your YoYo and start practicing.

YoYos Wild Slot Game 

The YoYos Wild slot game is colourful and mega interesting to play. You will be met with loads of bonuses, a beautiful interface and even one of the most old-school ways to win. The player will be satisfied and over the moon with this game's possible outcomes. 

Theme & Symbols

The theme of today's slot machine is of course the wonderful and simple but complicated use of a toy, the Yoyo. The YoYos Wild slot machine is fun and colourful. It provides exciting bonuses and fantastic symbols such as the royal cards, Wilds and of course many many Yoyos. 

The Basics: How to Play YoYos Wild Online Slot


Before the player can start they need to know how to play the YoYos Wilds slot machine. First, the player must set a wager that they are comfortable with. Setting the wager is simply, the player must click either the “+” or “-” symbol in the drop-down menus to increase and decrease their wagers. Once the player is happy with the set wager, they can begin the slot machine by clicking the blue spin button on the right side of the slot. Upon pressing this button the slides will set in motion from right to left. The reels will also stop from right to left shortly after. If the player is successful they will be awarded the winnings and any bonuses that are featured in the YoYos Wilds slot bonus will begin. However, if the player is unsuccessful they will be required to respin the slot machine once they have set their wagers. This is all you need to know to get started on the YoYos Wilds slot game. 

YoYos Wild Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The YoYos Wilds slot has a theoretical return to player rate of 96.5% which places the YoYos Wilds slot Uk slightly above the market average. This makes the slot machine ideal for those looking to start getting into slot machine games. This also allows those with a lot of slot machine experience to enjoy the slot too. The minimum wager amount for the YoYos Wilds slot is a respectful amount of 0.01p. The maximum wager a player can place on the YoYos Wilds slot is £50. 

YoYos Wild Bonus Features


The Yoyos wild slot is a 5-reel by a 3-row slot that was created by the renowned software provider Eyecon.  Eyecon is a significant player in the gaming industry as they are supplying both traditional and virtual casinos for all to play on an online platform. Its games are known for their originality and incredible HTML5 graphics. The YoYos Wild Casinos slot is, of course, no exception. 

As far as we are aware, a yo-yo-based slot game has a lot of individuality so if the players of today are looking for something new or something unfamiliar then the YoYos Wild is perfect for those looking for it. The symbols are made from classic Yo-Yo designs and some of the playing cards which ensure the player-base will be happy with it as it's very familiar. The laser effects and soundtrack manage to be very captivating without being either repeated or intrusive, and the menus are very well designed so they can be simple to use. 

YoYos Wild slot comes as a shock when three or more scatter symbols are landed. A Yoyo, of course, will come across the screen performing a predetermined amount of randomly chosen tricks, leaving the wild symbols on the reels in its wake. 

Play YoYos Wild Online on Slingo

The YoYos Wilds slot game is a very interesting and hypnotic slot machine that will certainly change how you play with its interesting and fun colours. If you enjoy the idea of playing the YoYos Wilds slot and are looking to try for those YoYos Wilds slot free spins, then head on down to Slingo.com and try the slot machine for yourself. Remember to gamble responsibly and always check your wagers.

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