Big Money Slingo

Rake in the big bucks with this action-packed game at Slingo! You'll be whisked away to one of SIX different locations as soon as you start playing, so give it a whirl NOW to experience all this and more!


Where will your next Slingo adventure take you? To some beautiful Golden Fields, perhaps - or maybe even the Royal Forest? Or how about the Smugglers Cove? Every one of these locations is open to you in Big Money Slingo, as well as the Jokers Hamlet, Diamond Peak and Lucky Gulch, so pack your bags and take your pick today!


Kick off your Big Money Slingo experience by choosing one of the six locations described above, each of which has a stake attached to it that is deducted from your current balance if chosen. At this point, up to 4 Jokers will be placed on your game board, and the reels will spin 6 times to display one of the following symbols:

- Number - numbers landing on the reel mark off the corresponding number in the grid

- Free spin - awards an additional spin

You'll be awarded a win when you get a ‘slingo' - a full horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on your game board.


This game has a theoretical RTP of 85.15% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £85.15.

When the fun stops, stop