Crossword Cash

Welcome to Crossword Cash - the brilliant crossword game that keeps on giving, right here at Slingo! The more words you manage to piece together, the more prizes you win, so get your brain ticking and turn your words into cash!


All you have to do is match your 18 letters to the ones on your crossword grid
to win! You'll need at least three words, so go for it!

How to play

Before you delve into your letters, you'll need to set your stake. To do this,
just click Confirm Bet and use the (+) and (-) buttons to adjust your bet
amount. Next, hit PLAY and then click your 18 YOUR LETTER tiles to see what
you've got to work with! Each of your letters will fill the ones on the
crossword grid to make up words, so make sure you're concentrating for those
wins! Complete 3 or more words to win a prize, and see what you've won by
checking the PRIZE TABLE. Who knew that crosswords could be so rewarding? If
you'd like to play again once your game is finished, you can play with the
same bet amount by clicking ‘Play'. If you'd like to replay with a different
stake, just select the ‘Change Bet' option, and you can get your crossword
show back on the road! Fingers crossed for a prize ‘wordy' of a superstar!

Return to player

The game has a theoretical RTP of 88.62% which means for every £100 wagered it
will pay out £88.62.

When the fun stops, stop