Love Island Bonus

Flip some hearts to find a match made in heaven. Get yourself a bit of sun and sand, not to mention the most sparkling wins!


It's simple to play and easy to win. Try and get lucky just like the contestants of Love Island as you flip the hearts to see if you've got a match. If you do, then you're in luck! There's an extra glittering Diamond Bonus that'll add more to your wins and a super fun Wheel Bonus that'll grant you something special

How to play

Set your Bet by using the (+) and (-) buttons to increase/decrease the amount. Once it's all set, hit SPIN and start matching things up. All you need to do is flip the 25 hearts on the board to see if they watch up! If they do your wins will be sizzling away. Find a few Bonus symbols behind the hearts and you could be bringing some extra heat in:


Pick your diamonds! Every diamond adds to your prize, keep picking them until you find the COLLECT card. If you do, all prizes revealed during the game are won.


Hit SPIN and get the Wheel going! You'll have to play to find out what secret prizes are waiting.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 90.00% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £90.00

When the fun stops, stop