Reef Run

Dive into the deep blue for a fast-paced underwater adventure! Open glistening clams for some bubbly Free Spins or maybe you'll find some sunken treasure


Up to 25,000 coins could be yours as you take to the sea and discover some
very special wins. Run the Reef with the Golden Bet feature, fast tracking you
to some fishy Free Spins and super-cool wins. Find a couple of saucy octopuses
to Multiply your coins and get the reels cashing out! This could lead you to
one Big Win, so take a swim! You won't regret it!

How to play

Before you get ready for your race, use the (-) and (+) buttons to
increase/decrease your Coin Value. Once you're all set, hit SPIN and enter the
winning madness! As you're swimming about, you'll come across a few creatures
that could lead your way to some very fortunate bonus rounds:


Find 2 or more Free Spins symbols on the reels and you'll be rewarded greatly:

2 Free Spins symbols = 2 extra Free Spins
3 Free Spins symbols = 10 extra free Spins
4 Free Spins symbols = 20 extra free Spins
5 Free Spins symbols = 60 extra free Spins


During Free Spins each symbol has a Level Multiplier. When it wins the
multiplier will increase, so if it wins again in Free Spins, the winnings will
be multiplied. The multiplier becomes x5 after the first hit, x10 after the
second hit, and x20 after three hits.


This will cost 5 extra coins per spin and you're able to activate and de-
active it at any time. Hitting golden Bet with Free Spins triggers the Reef
Run mode!


Choose your creature and get ready to race! If they pick correctly, they will
win a Mystery Prize on top of the Free Spins! Mystery Prize payouts for
different symbols:
Snail: 400-2500 coins
Seahorse: 500-5000 coins
Mantis: 600-7500 coins
Octopus: 800-10000 coins
Crab: 1000-15000 coins
Blowfish: 1500-25000 coins

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.40%, which means for every £100 staked,
the expected return would be £96.40.

When the fun stops, stop