Slingo Rainbow Riches

Your favourite game just got better - because it's been given the slingo touch! Slingo Rainbow Riches has all your favourite bonus features, plus a little slingo magic to help you find that pot of gold a little bit faster. Expect MORE free spins, MORE multipliers and MORE wins!


There's a reason Rainbow Riches is so popular - with amazing bonus rounds like
Magic Toadstool and Pots of Gold, it's bonus round heaven. Now it's new and
improved with the added slingo touch to boot! Slingo is not only the best
online casino - it's also your new favourite game, combining slots and bingo
to create unique gameplay that you're sure to love. Match numbers on your reel
with those on your grid to snap up ‘slingos' and get closer to triggering the
original Rainbow Riches bonus rounds that you know and love!

Finding the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow is the main aim of
this game. As a colourful rainbow surrounds you, your bonus rounds will
feature lucky coins, wishing wells, toadstools and pots of gold to reinforce
the cheerful Irish theme and big wins that await you!

Want to hear what other players are saying? Check out these reviews:

‘The bonus rounds make it loads better than the original Rainbow Riches! I
love the Road to Riches RED Bonus because the prizes are doubled - would
definitely recommend.'

‘I love the Slingo aspect to the game! It's so easy to play and feels just
like bingo which makes it so much more fun! This is definitely my new

How to play

Set your Stake using the left and right arrows to increase/ decrease the
amount. Bets can start from 0.50p and go up to £200. Press ‘Start Game' to
begin and 10 spins will be given to you! Start spinning to match the numbers
on your reel to those on the grid. Mark off all the numbers in either a
horizontal, vertical or diagonal row and you'll win a slingo!

Want a sneak peak of what's to come? Watch the magic happen:


If a JOKER symbol appears, you're able to choose any number on your grid to
mark off in the row the symbol appears in. SUPER JOKERS allows you to mark off
any number on the whole grid. The DEVIL symbol is something to stay away from
as it blocks you from a win! FREE SPIN symbols add an extra spin for FREE!



3 Wishing Wells will appear, and YOU get to pick any one! Each has a special
prize behind it. What will YOU find?


50 coins will spin in front of you, each one with a multiplier behind it. Once
they stop spinning the multiplier you have won will appear. After this a coin
flip will decide whether you get another go or collect what you have won.
Multipliers increase from round to round from 0.50p to x10 - don't miss out!


Take control and pick a Toadstool! You have 3 picks to find a winning value
between x1, x5 or a fairy. Each fairy gives another 3 values. If all 24
toadstools are revealed with 2 picks remaining, a x3 multiplier is applied to
the entire win! If 1 pick reminds, a x2 multiplier is added.


This bonus round has the same rules as the Magic Toadstool round but with 4
picks rather than 3, giving you an extra chance to boost your wins.


Spin the lucky wheel to move 1-6 places along the golden trail. When the wheel
lands on COLLECT, you are awarded with the prize from your current trail


Same rules as the original Road to Riches bonus, but with all prizes doubled.
Another chance to strike gold!


You will be presented with Gold, Silver and Bronze pots spinning around. They
will randomly come to a stop and one will be chosen for you. You will then be
awarded with whatever prize is inside the magical pot! Multiplier prizes vary
from x50 to x1000 - will you get lucky?

You can buy unlimited extra spins at the end of your game for another shot at the jackpot! For more information on how the extra spins feature works, head to in-game help.

Return to player

Game Stats --- PAYLINES | 27 MIN. BET | 50p RTP | 95.6%


Q: What's a Slingo?

A: A ‘slingo' works just like bingo! It's when you mark off every number in one line either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Stack up your slingos to trigger more bonus rounds and bag bigger wins!

Q: How do I enter the Bonus Rounds?

Win 5 or more slings to trigger one of SEVEN bonus rounds. You're spoilt for choice!

Q: What's the maximum amount I can bet?

A: You can bet up to £200 in Slingo Rainbow Riches.

Q: What happens once my initial 10 spins run out?

A: You can then purchase more spins for a particular price.

Q: What happens when a Devil symbol appears?

A: It blocks you from marking off any number within the column in which it appears.

Q: Can you play on Mobile?

A: Yes! Slingo is a mobile-centered casino featuring loads of slots optimised for mobile devices, so you can play on the go.

When the fun stops, stop