Slingo Riches

Are you ready to slingo? Fancy winning up to £20,000 in cash? Well Slingo Riches is the answer! This is your chance to play everyone's favourite game (that's slingo, of course) for real cash, for the first time ever - and where better to do that than at the home of slingo itself!?


Slingo Riches does what all other slingo games before it have done - takes the
best bits of bingo and the best elements of slot machines and throws them
together in one awesome game - but this time adds an unmissable extra element:
the chance to play for real cash. And we're not talking any old cash prize;
we're talking up to £20k! Sounds to good to miss, doesn't it? Then let's

How to play

Slingo-ing for real cash is a breeze! You'll be given a 5x5 number grid and
the aim of the game is to mark off as many numbers on the grid as possible; a
row of 5 numbers marked off horizontally, vertically or diagonally is what's
called a ‘slingo'. You'll get 11 spins (that's 11 chances to find some
slingos), each of which dishes out 5 numbers (1 for each column on your grid).

As soon as you've got your head round all of that, it'll be time to place your
bets! You can choose how much to bet per game using the (-) and (+) buttons,
staking anything from 50p-£100 a time. Next hit START GAME to get this show on
the road! Each spin will place 5 numbers in the blue reel underneath your grid
and any matching numbers in the respective columns above will be marked off -
but look out, because the following symbols could also land on your reel:

  • JOKER: Wild symbols that can be used to mark off any number in the column above
  • SUPER JOKERS: Wild that can be used to mark off any number in the whole grid
  • 3 OR MORE JOKERS/SUPER JOKERS in any combination = an instant cash prize
  • FREE SPIN appearing in the centre column = a free spin (yellow balls)
  • COIN appearing in the centre column = an instant cash prize
  • DEVIL blocks potential matches on the reels

If you are lucky enough to land some free spins on the reel during your game,
they'll come into play after your initial 11 spins are complete. Plus,
depending how many free spins you get, you'll also get the chance to buy up to
4 EXTRA spins (minus one for every free spin already accumulated!) to help you
get even more slingos - or to hit the top prize with a FULL HOUSE!

Return to player

Based on best strategy this game has a theoretical RTP of 95% which means for
every £100 wagered it will pay out £95.00. Based on best strategy each extra
spin has a theoretical RTP of 95%.

You can buy 4 extra spins at the end of your game for another shot at the jackpot! For more information on how the extra spins feature works, head to in-game help.

When the fun stops, stop