Slingo X Factor

‘You could be the dark horse of this competition. I think we may have found a star.' We all know Simon Cowell's best X Factor lines by now, but you could be the star of the show in this fabulous game. Slingo X Factor takes all the best bits of classic Slingo and put them through to boot camp for that extra X Factor sparkle. Dermot O'Leary's calling your name, it's time to step on stage


Free Spins, a Progressive Jackpot, a separate main game cash prize and lots of
wild Jokers and Super Jokers to help you get a Slingo. Need we say more? The
ultimate goal for an X Factor winner is to get the Christmas No. 1 spot - and
you could be walking away with a massive win befitting of a superstar. Fingers

How to play

X Factor stars need to warm up their vocal chords before they step on stage,
and you need to set your stake before you can dive into your Slingo showcase.
The (+) and (-) buttons in the bottom-left corner of your screen allow you to
adjust your bet, and when you're ready to strut your stuff, hit SPIN. There's
a reel underneath your 5x5 bingo grid that will spin the numbers that are to
be marked off your grid (if any matching numbers come up). To get a sassy
Slingo, you need to mark off numbers in a line horizontally, vertically or
diagonally. Have you got what it takes to nab a full-house win? There's some
features that can help you with that:

Return to player

The following percentages of each stake are added to each pot: Gold (9
symbols) - 1.2% Silver (8 symbols) - 3.4% Bronze (7 symbols) - 3.8% Reserve
pots build up for each pot, taking 30% of the contribution for each. When a
pot is won the reserve amount is instantly transferred to be the new pot
value. On launch each pot is seeded with the following amounts: Gold - £4,500
Silver - £1,500 Bronze - £150 This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.00% which
means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £95.00.

You can buy up to 4 extra spins at the end of your game for another shot at the jackpot! For more information on how the extra spins feature works, head to in-game help.

When the fun stops, stop