What Is Slingo?

The game of Slingo is what happens when you combine the best parts of slots and bingo into a single, ridiculously fun, and inventive experience (read all about its creation and legacy). And if you’re looking to play this wildly popular game, Slingo.com is the perfect place. We offer hours of Slingo-tastic entertainment spread across four wonderful and unique games.

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Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches is the perfect choice for anyone new to the game of Slingo. In addition to featuring classic Slingo styling and gameplay, it offers the chance to win upwards of £20,000! If you’re looking for an opportunity to win big while having loads of fun at the same time, be sure to fire up Slingo Riches.

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Slingo Extreme

Are you interested in taking your Slingo experience to the next level? Well, Slingo Extreme is the game for you! It ramps up the excitement of traditional Slingo by transforming it into a fast-paced, high-energy game with the potential for a massive £50,000 jackpot. Try it now, but only if you think you can take the heat!

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Slingo Deal Or No Deal

Can you beat the mysterious banker and take home the ultimate jackpot? There’s only one way to find out: play this game! Fans of the hit TV game show are sure to love Slingo Deal Or No Deal because it’s brimming with all the classic bits taken straight from the show. The infamous red boxes even make an appearance! Adding to the excitement is the potential to win big, with a £100,000 jackpot up for grabs.

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Slingo Boom

Slingo Boom is the newest and best multiplayer game that we (and the entire internet for that matter!) have to offer. It’s the ideal option for players looking to have a friendly chat with the competition while snapping up those all-important Slingo line wins. That’s because it functions much like a traditional bingo room with dedicated chat games and hosts. The only difference? It features a communal set of reels in place of the typical bingo balls!

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The History of Slingo

Since its creation in 1995, Slingo has been on nearly every entertainment platform imaginable. But where exactly did this game come from? Learn the intriguing story about Slingo’s invention, the love and passion put into its creation, and much more in our interview with those who know it best.

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