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The Price Is Right

The Price is Right
  • slingo_originalSlingo Original
The Price is Right has landed at Slingo - and its every bit as entertaining, action-packed and exciting as you'd expect it to be! Come on down and try your luck today.
  • 1Paylines
  • £1.0Min. Bet
  • £100Max. Bet
  • £22,285Biggest Win
  • SlingoProduced by
  • 3Reels
  • 2D/3D, AdventureGame Theme
  • NoJackpot


If you remember the popular gameshow then you'll love this online slot adaptation. Full to the brim with bonus games that could get you multipliers and enviable prizes, you'd be a fool not to try for a cheeky brucie bonus!

How to play

Whether you're new to online slots or an old hat, this game is so easy to play, so you'll be stepping on that stage to play for some showbiz wins in no time! Use the STAKE button to set your bet, and when you're ready to get playing, click the SPIN button on the right-hand side of your screen. You'll get 5 linked spins of the reels, and your aim is to find enough bonus symbols in these 5 spins to trigger a bonus game. You monitor your progress by checking the top of the screen, where the blank spaces beneath each bonus game will be filled every time you collect a symbol for that bonus. If you manage to fill up all the blank spaces with symbols for a bonus, you'll activate that bonus. If you haven't managed to get a bonus by the end of the 5 spins, you can buy more at a fixed price to get your hands on one. Let's hope you manage to!

Cliff Hangers

Everyone loves a cheeky multiplier, and this game could get you some absolute whoppers! There are 3 reels that will spin one at a time. The first spin will reveal a single digit number, the second spin will give you a value for the tens column, whilst the third spin will reveal the value for the hundreds column. This three digit number will be the multiplier that is applied to your stake amount. Yes, really!

That's not all - there's also a series of steps in this game, and the number that is revealed on the reels will move you along the track that number of times. Any prizes you collect on the way will be added to your multiplier value. If you fall off the top step you'll get a big fat lose - so tread carefully!

Any Number

This bonus is a little bit mysterious, heightening the excitement all the more. You'll have 3 multipliers presented as blank numbers, and one of them will have 1 digit displayed, whilst the other two will have 2 digits and 3 digits displayed respectively. The numbers 1-9 will be used only once throughout, and your job is to choose the numbers 1-9 in an attempt to match the multiplier numbers with the first multiplier completed. You'll get 4 chances to do this.

Master Key

If you enjoyed the mystery element to the previous bonus game then the Master Key bonus will be right up your street! There are 3 safes in this round, and 2 of them contain prizes. It's your mission to choose from face down cards in an attempt to find the keys to fit the safes and get your hands on the prizes that lies within. Good luck!

  • Key 1 opens safe 1
  • Key 2 opens safe 2
  • Key 3 opens safe 3
  • Key 4 opens NO safes
  • Key 5 is the Master Key and opens all of the safes

Half Off

In a similar vein, the Half Off bonus contains 34 boxes, and only 4 of them contain prizes. The difference with this bonus is that you'll get the chance to eliminate losing boxes and therefore increase your chances of getting a prize. Let's hope it pays off!

Round One

  • 2 cards face down (one ‘half off' and one ‘lose')
  • ‘Half Off' removes half the boxes from the game, all of which are losers
  • You'll then move to round two

Round Two

  • 3 cards (one ‘half off' and two ‘lose')
  • ‘Half Off' removes half the boxes from the game, all of which are losers
  • You'll then move to round three
  • The lose card moves you straight to choosing a box
  • Choose a box from the remaining boxes and if you pick a prize, you'll win that cash amount


There are win and lose sections at the bottom of a bagatelle board in this wonderful bonus, and you need to earn chips that you can place into the board at the end of the game in order to aim for a prize. If the chips land on a prize section, you'll win that prize. If you haven't managed to get your hands on any chips throughout the bonus game, your feature will automatically end. Better luck next time!

The game plays out like so:

Round One

  • 4 cards face down (three ‘chip' and one ‘lose')
  • ‘Chip' card will add a chip to your collection and you'll move to round 2
  • ‘Lose' card won't give you a chip and you'll move to round 2

Round Two

  • 4 cards (two ‘chip' and two ‘lose')
  • ‘Chip' card will add a chip to your collection and you'll move to round 3
  • ‘Lose' card won't give you a chip and you'll move to round 3

Round Three

  • 4 cards (one ‘chip' and three ‘lose')
  • ‘Chip' card will add a chip to your collection and you'll move to the plinko board
  • ‘Lose' card won't give you a chip and you'll move to the plinko board

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.51%, which means for every £100 staked, the expected return would be £95.51.

You can purchase unlimited extra spins at a price for another shot at triggering the bonus game. Please see the help section within the game for more information.

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