Star Trek: Red Alert

Star Trek: Red Alert

Step on board the Star Trek Enterprise in the Red Alert slot game right here at Slingo! Prepare to be DAZZLED by the most authentic Star Trek slot yet…


Nip into sci-fi land to play across this game’s 5 reels and 25 paylines and you’re bound to come away with spoils from another universe. Playing this slot is also your chance to play future episodes in the Star Trek series, as the medals collected in this game will unlock the next slot. So, get playing now to see if you can make the most of two insanely fun bonus rounds, featuring clips and quotes from the show itself, and become master of the game!

How To Play

Getting to grips with Star Trek: Red Alert is no bother at all, especially as you’re given two gameplay options – Classic or QuickBet. Toggle between these using the C and QB buttons on the game panel, using the BET/LINE meter to set your bet for each spin in Classic mode or using the bet slider to set your bet for all spins in QuickBet mode. With your bet in place, you’re ready to SPIN into space! If you’d prefer to sit back and watch the stars, use the AUTOPLAY button to run a few games out automatically.

Star Trek Episodes & Medals

Star Trek: Red Alert is the first in a series of 3 Star Trek slots, all coming with individual bonus features and snippets from the show. To unlock Star Trek: Explore new worlds, you must collect 50 medals in Red Alert; similarly, to unlock Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles, you’ll need to collect a set number of medals in Explore New Worlds. Medals are collected each time you trigger a bonus feature – and within the bonus features themselves, if you’re lucky.

Red Alert Bonus

This episode’s bonus feature is the Red Alert Bonus, which comes complete with real TV clips for a totally immersive slot experience. It’s triggered by getting 3 or more FEATURE symbols to land on the reels, which awards you UNLIMITED free spins, protected by 5 shields. The reels will only keep spinning while you have shields remaining. Every time you have a non-winning spin, you lose a shield, but you can top them back up to 5 by landing 3 Shield 100% symbols on the reels during the bonus!

Winnings are collected in this bonus with winning spins and multipliers. Each winning spin blasts away a multiplier from the top of the screen, which is then multiplied by your bet and added to your total win. Winning multipliers can range from 2x all the way up to 15x your bet! Once you’ve run out of shields, you’ll be asked to choose Channel A or Channel B, which determines whether the feature ends or carry on spinning until you hit another win.

Win Warp Feature

Red Alert’s second bonus feature can be triggered at random after any winning spin, awarding you any one of these:

  • Rock Creature Wild: the Rock Creature appears and leaves behind a 3x-10x Multiplying Wild in a random position on the reels
  • Scotty’s Wild Reel: Scotty appears and fills 1 or 2 reels entirely with Scotty Wilds
  • Spock Multiplier: Spock appears and multiplies your win by 3x-10x
  • Enterprise Fly-by: after the Enterprise flies by, the symbols in your winning combo change into Kirk, Spck, McCoy, Wild, Feature or Insignia

Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.00% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.00.

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