Top 12 List Of Designer Jeans Brands

Top Designer Jeans Brands

If you love fashion and you’re on the hunt for a pair of timeless jeans, then look no further than our top 12 list of designer jeans brand from Slingo.

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Getting Lippy - Episode 1

Getting Lippy Gossip Show Ep1: Anna Vakili & Amanda Devlin

Watch the first episode of the brand-new gossip show, Getting Lippy, the home of all thing's entertainment and showbiz, sponsored by Slingo.

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Valentine's Day Promo and Themed Games

Valentine's-Themed Games & Valentine's Day Promotion

Get that Little Lovey Vibe with our Valentine's-Themed Games & Valentine's Day Promotion at 18+ | Play Responsibly

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Luxury Men's Wallet Brands

Top 18 Luxury Men's Wallet Brands

If you’re in the market for a new wallet, this list of luxury men’s wallet brands from Slingo should give you the perfect idea on where to start.

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Best Jewellery Designer Brands

18 Best Designer Brands For Jewellery

If you’re ready to invest in a timeless piece of jewellery, then take a look at this list of the best designer brands for jewellery from Slingo’s lifestyle news.

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TikTok Earnings Report

TikTok Earnings Report

Our UK online bingo experts at Slingo took a deeper dive into the earnings of the most famous users on TikTok. Read more to find out!

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Playtech Live Big Friday Quiz Promo

Playtech Live's Big Friday Quiz Promotion at Slingo

Test your Trivia with Playtech Live’s Big Friday Quiz at 18+ | Play Responsibly

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Best Luxury Car Brands

15 Of The Best Luxury Car Brands

If you’re ready for your next automotive adventure, this list of the best luxury car brands from Slingo should help get your engine roaring.

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Year of the Rabbit Slots 2023

Year of the Rabbit: Must-Try Rabbit-Themed Slots This 2023 at Slingo

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with our favourite rabbit-themed slots at Slingo! Read our blog to find out more. 18+ | Play Responsibly

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