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Slingo River RE3LS

Introducing Slingo River RE3LS, the latest Slingo game! Fishermen help to reel in multiplier prizes in this fun new release. 18+ | Play Responsibly


Get ready for the Euros with Slingoooal Championship, the new Slingo game! Read our blog to find out how to play this fun new game. 18+ | Play Responsibly

Slingo Day of the Dab

Slingo Day of the Dab is the new Slingo game, with a fun theme inspired by the Day of the Dead! 18+ | Play Responsibly

Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins

Slingo Gold Cash Free Spins is the latest Slingo game, featuring a Bonus Wheel for a chance to win a cash prize or free spins! 18+ | Play Responsibly


Introducing Slingo Capital Gains, the exciting new Slingo game featuring a Money Charge Bonus! 18+ | Play Responsibly

Slingo Constitution Hill!

Get ready for the races with Slingo Constitution Hill, a horse-racing-themed slot with a fun racecourse format! 18+ | Play Responsibly

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