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Slingo Riches Game

Slingo Riches
  • slingo_originalSlingo Original
Slingo Riches is the original Slingo game, and with its ingenious mash-up of slots and bingo it's easy to see why it took the world by storm! With its simple yet engaging format plus the chance to win up to £20k, excitement runs high in this classic game. Feeling lucky? Let’s Slingo!
  • 12Paylines
  • £0.50Min. Bet
  • £20Max. Bet
  • £276Biggest Win
  • SlingoProduced by
  • 5Reels
  • 2D/3D, Magical/MysticalGame Theme
  • NoJackpot

Slingo Riches Game Description

Slingo Riches first burst onto the scene back in 2015 as the very first Slingo game, and to this day it remains one of our most popular titles! The aim of the game is simple: match the numbers on the reel with those on the grid to complete Slingos and win real cash prizes.

Climb the bonus ladder and win bigger and bigger prizes as you progress through the game, with a top prize of up to £20k for completing a full house!

Slingo Riches online is fully optimised for both desktop and mobile use, meaning you can play wherever and wherever the mood takes you. Ready for some big wins? Play Slingo Riches now!

How to Play Slingo Riches Online

Slingo-ing for real cash is a breeze. The aim of the game is to mark off as many numbers on the grid 5x5 grid as possible. To complete a Slingo, simply mark off a row of 5 numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You'll get 11 spins in a game, which means that's 11 chances to find some Slingos!

Now it’s time to place your bets. You can choose how much to bet per game using the (-) and (+) buttons. Next hit START GAME to get this show on the road! Each spin will place five numbers in the blue reel underneath your grid and any matching numbers in the respective columns above will be marked off – but look out, because the following symbols could also land on your reel:

  • JOKER: Wild symbols that can be used to mark off any number in the column above
  • SUPER JOKERS: Wilds that can be used to mark off any number in the whole grid
  • 3 OR MORE JOKERS/SUPER JOKERS in any combination = an instant cash prize
  • FREE SPIN appearing in the centre column = a free spin
  • COIN appearing in the centre column = an instant cash prize
  • DEVIL blocks potential matches on the reels

If you’re lucky enough to land some free spins on the reel during your game, they'll come into play after your initial 11 spins are complete. Plus, depending how many free spins you get, you'll also get the chance to buy up to 4 EXTRA spins (minus one for every free spin already accumulated) to help you get even more Slingos – or to win the top prize with a FULL HOUSE!

Slingo Riches Characters and Features

The Slingo Riches game is set on a retro-looking background complete with bingo-style ball hopper (the round thing that holds the bingo balls!). Its simple grid format makes this game a great choice for both newbies and seasoned Slingoers alike.

However, before you start spinning you’ll need to familarise yourself with some of the characters and features you’ll come across.

When the friendly-looking Joker with a red hat appears on the reel, he’ll enable you to mark off any number in the column above him to help you complete Slingos and win real money prizes.

The Super Joker looks slightly different to the Joker, with a bright green outfit. When one appears on the reel, you’ll be able to mark off any number on the entire grid.

If you’re lucky enough to land three Jokers or Super Jokers on the reel on a single spin, you’ll activate the Joker Bonus and win an amazing cash prize!

A stack of golden Slingo coins also award an instant cash prize, and the Free Spins symbol adds an extra spin to your game.

Watch out for the angry-looking devil, who acts as a blocking symbol and appears on the centre reel only.

Slingo Riches FAQs

Q: What’s the minimum I can bet?
A: The minimum bet is £0.50.

Q: What’s the maximum I can bet?
A: The maximum bet is £100.

Q: How do I complete a Slingo?
A: Complete a Slingo by matching numbers on the reel to numbers on the grid. Match five numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally to complete a Slingo and move up the pay ladder on the left of the screen.

Q: How do I activate the Joker Bonus?
A: The Joker Bonus is activated by landing three Jokers or Super Jokers on the reel. Doing so will award you with an amazing cash prize!

Q: Can I play Slingo Riches on my mobile?
A: Of course! All of our slingo games are fully optimised for both mobile and desktop use, meaning you can play Slingo Riches wherever and whenever the mood takes you.

Slingo Riches Game on Slingo is the official home of Slingo Originals, including Slingo Riches. With its simple gameplay, innovative format and the chance to win up to £20k, this cult classic is loved by players all over the world! Ready for an exciting gaming experience? Play Slingo Riches now!

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