Bingo Rules and Etiquette

Bingo Rules and Etiquette
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Be the Best Player You Can Be by Following Bingo Rules and Etiquette

No one wants to be that person that everyone dreads coming to the party, and the same can be said for both in-person and online bingo rooms too. You don’t want other regular players to see your face and username and groan! One of the top ways you can avoid this and blend in with the loving and fun bingo community is to follow the Bingo Rules and Etiquette. Of course, if you’re new to the game it can be hard to know what these are, which is why here at Slingo we’ve created this handy-dandy guide to help you out!

Be courteous and polite.

This is good manners in general, not simply bingo etiquette. Avoid bothering other players or making racist or sexual remarks, and always treat others with respect, even if you disagree. Most bingo chat rooms have a clearly stated rule of conduct at the top of the page. Make sure you're not breaking any rules before you post. If you're having a bad streak and keep losing, don't blame it on the platform you're on. Always be respectful of the chat host and other participants, follow the rules, and be gracious in loss. It's all thanks to the people that play beside you that the community is active, exciting, engaging, and uplifting.

Socialize but don’t be too loud.

It should go without saying that you should always use your 'inside voice' when playing bingo at your favorite brick-and-mortar location. It's also important to remember that during bingo games, it's a general guideline to keep silent. It's fine to socialize, but try to keep superfluous conversation to a minimum. Few things are more annoying than people who refuse to stop talking when you're trying to concentrate on the game. It's also irritating when someone complains aloud every time they lose. If you have any questions or are unsure, ask them as quickly as possible while remaining as inconspicuous as possible.

In regards to online casinos respect other players by re-reading what you're typing before sending it, as it may be misconstrued and lead to suspension. Everyone in the chat room is seeking to have a good time and shouldn't be made to feel uncomfortable, so please refrain from using offensive language. Capital letters should be avoided in bingo chat rooms since they can appear menacing to other players, and CMs use capital letters to identify themselves from other players, so you might be imitating them unwittingly. Unfortunately, this may result in you being kicked out of a chat group, so keep an eye on the CAPS LOCK key. Basically, be relaxed and friendly; just how you would be when playing in real life!

Pay attention to the caller.

Paying close attention to the bingo caller is one of the most fundamental etiquette requirements. The numbers are illuminated as they are called on an electronic board in most bingo halls. It's important to remember that the bingo caller has no control on the numbers drawn. If it's difficult to hear the caller, you can certainly express your desire for them to speak louder, but do so politely. The bingo caller will also determine the game type, which will be announced at the beginning of the game. Paying attention to the caller's voice and how it matches the numbers on your cards will assist ensure that when you say "BINGO!" you truly do have one.

A similar rule should be followed when playing games at online casinos. A bingo host is in charge of each and every bingo chat room. This person's job is to keep the peace, make sure everyone is having a nice time, and occasionally liven things up. If you wish to preserve your chat room privileges, don't distract or interrupt your host at any moment, and always speak to them politely and courteously. Do not pick a battle in the chat room if you have a complaint about the chat host. Instead, use the site's official complaint channels. You should also be patient with chat moderators, who are normally identified by the tag "CM" before their name. Wait for your answer before repeating your inquiry, like with any other live chat system, the host may need to contact player support departments for specific replies.

Learn the Bingo lingo

Bingo has its own set of words and idioms. You'll almost certainly hear other players use these terminologies, so it's a good idea to brush up on them. Don't worry if this seems overwhelming at first; it won't take long for you to get into the swing of things! The great thing about bingo both in-person and online is that is a very sociable game, so if you’re caught out by a term you can always ask, but in general, it's good to learn the basics so you know the difference between two ducks and two fat ladies!

Have fun!

This is probably the most important rule and why all the other pieces of bingo rules and etiquette exist; so you and everyone else playing can have lots and lots of fun! Because of this emphasis on fun and community, it doesn't take long to become used to a new bingo site, and by paying attention to bingo etiquette, you'll rapidly make pals. The same goes for if you’re a seasoned player because it's easy to forget how scary it is to go into a new game and community where everyone seems to know everyone. Take the time to greet new players and make them feel at ease; they'll appreciate it just as much as you did when you first started and a new bingo bestie could be just around the corner.

Play Bingo at

So, now you know the ropes its time to get out there and make tons of friends and have lots of fun! At we have a wide variety of great bingo rooms for you to enjoy. Sign up and play today.

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