Online Bingo Chat Room Lingo

Online Bingo Chat Room Lingo
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Traditionally people visited bingo halls to have fun and socialise, and online bingo is no different! However, this time you can chat to your fellow players from wherever you are - whether that’s at home on the sofa or on the bus home from work - using fun online bingo chat rooms!

These chat rooms are a part of every online bingo game at, and they give you the opportunity to interact with fellow players and our friendly host, and even play games to win extra tickets!

But before you get started in online bingo rooms, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with some of the bingo lingo used in the chat rooms! Read on to learn more…

Defining Bingo Lingo

“Bingo lingo” describes the language used in the online bingo world, and particularly in bingo chat rooms. It may describe the different types of games available, some common words and phrases used in the game and abbreviations used in the online chat rooms.

So without further ado, let’s get learning!

Common Bingo Lingo Words and Phrases

Check out some of the most widely used bingo lingo words and phrases in the list below!

75-ball / 90-ball / 52-ball

If you see a game described as a 75-ball bingo game, this means that 75 balls are in play - numbered from 1 to 75. 

90-ball bingo means there are 90 balls in play, and so on. 

In terms of gameplay, the general rule is that the fewer balls there are, the quicker the game will be. This is simply because with less numbers to be called, it will take less time to reach a full house.

90-ball bingo is the standard or ‘traditional’ version of the game in the UK, while 75 ball bingo originally gained popularity in the USA before making its way across the pond.

Bingo Lobby

In online bingo, the bingo lobby is the page where you choose which bingo room you’d like to enter. It will tell you which game is about to start in each bingo room, and how long until the start of the game.

It also acts as a kind of waiting room for players to wait for some bingo rooms to open. To go back to the bingo lobby after entering a room, simply click the X at the top right of the room you’re in.

Chat Game

Bingo chat games are played in the bingo chat room during bingo games, and they offer an extra chance to win prizes while interacting with your fellow players!

The games are run by the chat room host, and there are usually two winners who each get a real-money ticket to the next bingo game.

The games can be announced at any time in any bingo room, so keep your eyes peeled. Our friendly hosts run word and number games, quizzes and more to give you the chance to win tickets while having fun!

Games include Alphabet Buddies, where you’ll win a prize if your username starts with the same letter as the full house winner, and Karaoke, where the host will type song lyrics and the first person to type the song title wins.

Remember to check which games are available in your bingo chat room, as not all games are always available.

Eyes Down

This well-known bingo phrase is traditionally used in bingo halls to tell players to look down at their cards because the game is about to begin. It’s still commonly used in bingo chat rooms, so look out for it just before the game starts!

Full House

Marking off all of the numbers on your bingo card is called getting a full house, and if you’re the first to do so you’ll win the top prize!

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpot bingo games have a prize pot that increases as more people buy bingo cards for that specific game. A small percentage of the price each player pays for a bingo card goes towards the total jackpot prize, meaning it can grow to a huge jackpot amount if there are lots of players! 

Progressive jackpots are usually won by getting a full house within a certain number of bingo calls. Once the jackpot has been won, it will reset and build up again until someone else wins it!

Join Slingo’s Jackpot Room for your chance to win a progressive jackpot in online bingo.


A roomie is another word for a fellow player in the same bingo room as you. Get to know your fellow roomies in the bingo chat room to make the most of the online bingo experience!

Common Bingo Lingo Abbreviations

Check out the table below for some common bingo lingo abbreviations you might come across in the chat rooms! Similar to text language, it’s often used because it’s quicker than typing out the full phrases. 

1TG1 Ball to go
2TG2 Balls to go
3TG3 Balls to go
BLNTBetter luck next time
CHChat host
CMChat moderator
FJPFixed jackpot
FFHFor Full House
FHFull House
GGGood game
GLGood luck
GLAGood luck all
GLEGood luck everyone
NTNearly there
PJPProgressive jackpot
WTGWay to go
WDWell done
WDWWell done winners

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