Which Bingo Pattern Will You Find First?

Which Bingo Pattern Will You Find First?

You may be familiar with the traditional one line, two line and full house bingo patterns, but did you know there are plenty more bingo patterns just waiting to be found?

From arrows to Lucky Sevens and more, these unusual bingo patterns offer both newbies and experienced players an exciting gaming experience. 

Make sure you check the rules of the specific game you’re playing to familiarise yourself with which patterns will win you a prize, as they’re not the same for every game!

Read on to find out more about some of the more quirky bingo patterns you may come across:


The arrow pattern can point left or right, up or down. It can also be formed in each of the four corners of the grid, creating a diagonal arrow.


Dazzling diamond patterns can be formed by filling in a diamond shape in the grid, with its four points in the middle of each of the sides of the grid.

Lucky Seven

The Lucky Seven is a classic symbol in online casino games, and it can even be found on the bingo grid. Mark off all the squares in the top or bottom row plus a diagonal from one of the corners to complete this pattern.

Top and Bottom

Mark off all of the numbers in the top and bottom row of your bingo card to complete the Top and Bottom pattern.


The pyramid pattern is a triangular shape with its base at the top or bottom of the grid. Mark off all the numbers in the shape to complete it.


Although seven is the most common number shape for a bingo pattern, there are plenty of other possibilities. In some bingo games you may be required to mark off the shape of a number three, four, eight or nine, for example.


This one is similar to the above, but with letters instead of numbers. Popular letter patterns include X, Z, S and E, and they are usually formed on the outside edges, diagonals and corners of the bingo card.

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