15 Best Luxury Bathroom Brands

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands
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Nothing says luxury like a stylish, elegant bathroom. It should be a space that can be admired while also providing supreme relaxation. From simple faucets to innovative tubs, the best luxury bathroom brands offer everything you could desire.

As part of our series of guides on luxury lifestyle, we will examine the 15 best luxury bathroom brands in the world. We aim to give you an insight into the world of bathroom opulence. So, relax and enjoy.

1. Stone Forest

If you love elegant simplicity paired with a sleek contemporary design, then you'll adore Stone Forest's hand-carved granite sculptures. The brand uses granite rather than cast stone or cement, which brings a presence to its bathroom products that is hard to match.

This luxury brand creates each of its bespoke sculptures by hand using a hammer and chisel. This technique draws out the unique character of each piece of granite and imbues the sculptures with the personality of the stonecutter.

The pieces have a timeless quality and add a powerful ambiance to any bathroom. Stone Forest is the market leader for bathroom sculptures made in North America. Unlike other brands, it doesn't import its products. It designs and executes them itself.

You can choose from the brand's unique designs, or, you can select one of its many traditional Japanese designs. Without a doubt, a bathroom piece from Stone Forest is the perfect accompaniment to any luxury lifestyle.

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2. THG Paris

Tetard-Haudiquez-Grison, or THG, is one of the leaders in the luxury bathroom industry. The brand is known for its ability to develop elegant bathroom accessories and beautifully crafted faucets. Its signature crystal applique faucets add the final touch to any refined, luxury bathroom. Indeed, this is what TGH is famous for. Bathroom fixtures don't come much more luxurious than this.

3. Bainultra

Bainultra takes an ultra-contemporary approach to luxury bathroom design. It aims to promote health through technology, science, materials, physics, anthropology, and design. This mission began in 1977, and since then, Bainultra has become one of the world's most revolutionary luxury bathroom brands. Its baths are designed to provide unparalleled immersion experiences. The aesthetics of the bathroom is meant to boost your well-being.

4. Perrin & Rowe

English brand Perrin & Rowe creates high-quality, stylish products famed for their class and durability. Its bathroom fittings and fixtures are known worldwide for their meticulous fine-tuning. This brand uses only the finest raw materials to craft its products, and each piece is manufactured in the UK. After being assembled by hand, the pieces are thoroughly tested, so the customer experiences the real benefits of Perrin & Rowe's quality products.

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5. Wetstyle

Wetstyle is one of the top luxury bathroom brands for eco-friendly products. The brand's bathtub designs are bold, unique, and original. They can be a real statement piece in a luxury bathroom while providing a soothing bathing experience. Its bathroom furniture is made from sustainable hardwoods, and its bathtubs are crafted from eco-friendly natural stone. If you're interested in a contemporary design from an eco-conscious brand, then Wetstyle is the perfect choice for you.

6. Graff

Graff is one of the most unique luxury bathroom brands in the market. Its shower systems are made from the finest materials. Its superb craftsmanship and top-quality designs have earned the brand a fantastic reputation.

Its showers provide unparalleled immersion experiences that are hard to beat. The brand has been around since the 1970s and has lots of experience creating stylish products. This is a luxury bathroom brand for those with the finest of tastes.

7. Lefroy Brooks

Lefroy Brooks is known in the luxury sector as the 'Rolls Royce' of bathroom products - a well-deserved nickname. Its products are inspired by older, classic designs - the brand's designers study these traditional items and combine them with features for a modern lift.

This leads to designs of elegant simplicity, which echo the grace of bygone days.

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8. Axor

Are you looking to express your personality and individuality in your home? Then Axor is the brand for you. Its designers and architects are world-famous, and its products are unique and innovative.

Established in 1901, Axor became a market leader decades ago and continues to develop elegant products. This brand truly knows quality when it sees it - without a doubt, it is one of the best luxury bathroom brands worldwide.

9. Aquabrass

Aquabrass has been dedicated to the pursuit of elegance and excellence for 25 years. Its products are designed with both beauty and comfort in mind. It's one of the best luxury bathroom brands for pieces that add style to your home and relaxation to your life.

This brand is for those who find solace and grace in their bathrooms.

10. Samuel Heath

Samuel Heath manufactures all of its products in the UK. This gives the brand complete control of the production process and ensures the highest quality.

In terms of eco-friendliness, it's one of the best luxury bathroom brands in the market. 80% of the material it uses comes from 80% recycled material. This makes its products ethical as well as beautiful.

Fine, British craftsmanship is what separates Samuel Heath from its competitors. Its distinguished products add a touch of class to any luxurious home.

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11. Toto

Toto is the largest plumbing products manufacturer in the world. They produce decorative and commercial faucets, shower valves, fittings, fixtures, and toilets.

The brand is committed to combining conservation, performance, innovation, and technology. The results are often breathtaking.

Toto is renowned for its attention to detail and relentless precision. All of which results in some of the best luxury bathroom products on the market.

12. Kohler

Kohler's engineers have been fine-tuning their designs for over 130 years. This has been done in the pursuit of the perfect bathing experience and has led to several incredible innovations.

Kohler has developed five technologies that move and shape air and water. These technologies create an unparalleled level of comfort and relaxation. Kohler's innovative approach to bathroom design has established them as a world leader in the sector.

There's certainly a reason the brand has been around for so long - thanks to the skill of Kohler's engineers.

13. Gessi

Gessi is an Italian brand that focuses on high-quality, eco-friendly products. It combines Italian craftsmanship with functionality, and its products add a warm, welcoming touch to all luxurious bathrooms.

Gessi's designer pieces and lighting systems are designed to blend into the surrounding environment. However, the high-performance levels of the products are never compromised. Its pieces function perfectly while also serving as architectural works.

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14. Dornbracht

Dornbracht is a family firm established in the 1950s and has since become one of the best luxury bathroom brands in the world. In many countries, it is the market leader for luxury bathroom items.

Its products range from simple yet elegant fittings to bespoke, designer pieces. You'd be hard-pressed to find a bathroom brand that offers as much versatility.

Dornbracht's designers focus on a combination of functionality and quality. This helps them to produce pieces that stand the test of time.

15. Hansgrohe Group

The Hansgrohe Group is famous for its top-quality hand showers, taps, and showerheads. It has received many innovation awards and over 250 international design awards, setting the brand apart as one of the most innovative in the world.

However, Hansgrohe is not only known for its creativity. The brand also produces products of sheer luxury. Combining the two, the brand creates bathroom items perfect for any home.

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Luxury Brands elevated with Slingo 

If you’re in the market for a more pristine luxury bathroom and you happen to be a lucky winner at Slingo, you could use this as an opportunity to switch up a mundane basin for a fresh, new look.


What can I add to my bathroom to make it more luxurious?

To complete a luxurious bathroom, add white bath linens and a neutral paint colour. Don't be afraid to spend big on high-quality rugs and towels. You can also add some neutral accessories to tie the whole room together.

What are the bathroom trends for 2022?

The biggest bathroom trend for 2022 is vintage decor and hardware. You can also give a vintage feel to your bathroom with smaller items. Try adding vintage sinks, mirrors, toilet paper holders, light fixtures, and brass decor.

What are the three main types of bathrooms?

The three main types of bathroom designs are master, guest, and half. However, the possibilities within these three designs are endless. You can use an almost infinite number of accessories and configurations to add your own personality. Don't be afraid to get creative.

How much do luxury showers cost?

On average, it costs between $5,000 and $15,000 to have a luxury shower fitted in your home, but prices vary widely between brands and product lines. However, it's unlikely you will find luxury showers available for much less than this.

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If you’re looking at revamping your bathroom to the highest spec, these brands are the way to go.

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