The Most Wealthy and Popular Royals in the World

Most Wealthy and Popular Royals
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People worldwide idolise royals and their families, something that’s particularly prominent in the United Kingdom. Even countries outside the UK love the British royals, such as the US and Canada.

It is also well known that royal families are incredibly wealthy, but which royals are the richest? 

Well, our experts at Slingo have researched the royal families worldwide to determine who the wealthiest and most popular are. We’ve looked at each family member's net worth, Google search volume, and Google searches for their attractiveness. We’ve also looked at the most followed royals on Instagram and estimated their potential earnings for sponsored posts on the social media site. 

The top royals around the world

Top 3 Royals

1. Prince Abdul Mateen

Royalty Score: 8.95/10

Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei comes out as the top royal in the world, scoring 8.95 out of 10 across all the factors we looked at. The tenth child of Brunei’s current Sultan, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, has a net worth of around $5 billion, which places him in the top ten among royals. He then placed just outside the top twenty for Google search volume and fourth for Google searches relating to his attractiveness amongst male royals. 

2. William, Prince of Wales

Royalty Score: 8.92/10

Coming in second place is Prince William of Wales, who is next in line for the British throne, with a score of 8.92 out of 10. Prince William ranked 35th for his net worth of $60 million. However, he ranked in the top three for both Google searches and searches related to his attractiveness. 

3. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Royalty Score: 8.77/10

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and the younger son of King Charles and Princess Diana takes third with a score of 8.77 out of 10. He ranked 39th for his net worth of $60 million, below his older brother. The Duke of Sussex did rank top for Google searches on his attractiveness and second for Google searches for his name, however.

Top Royals Table

The richest royals in the world

Richest Royals

1. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

Net Worth: $30 Billion

The current ruler of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, comes out as the richest royal in the world in 2023. The longest-reigning monarch, Hassanal Bolkiah, is reported to have a net worth of around $30 billion. This makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world, as well as the wealthiest royal. 

2. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Net Worth: $25 Billion

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, is the second most wealthy royal in the world. The heir to the Saudi throne, as well as the current Prime Minister, is reported to have a net worth of around $25 billion in 2023.

3. Prince Faisal

Net Worth: $22 Billion

Prince Faisal bin Salman Al Saud, also of Saudi Arabia, rounds out the top three wealthiest royals in the world. He was previously the chairman of Saudi Research and Marketing Group, the largest media company in the Middle East. As of 2023, his net worth is reportedly around $22 billion.

The most Googled royals in the world

Most Googled Royals

1. William, Prince of Wales

Google Search Volume: 17,059,000

Prince William ranks top as the most Googled royal in 2023. The heir to the British throne was Googled more than 17 million times between November 2022 and October 2023, making him the most popular royal. 

2. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Google Search Volume: 9,303,000

William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, is the second most popular royal in 2023. Over the last 12 months, Harry has been Googled around 9.3 million times. 

3. Anne, Princess Royal

Google Search Volume: 7,482,000

Coming in as the third-most-popular royal in 2023 is Anne, Princess Royal. She is the second child of the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and their only daughter. Over the last 12 months, Anne has been Googled more than 7.4 million times.

The most attractive royals in the world

Most Attractive Royals

1. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Google Searches Most Attractive Royal: 107,920

Prince Harry comes out as the most attractive royal in the world, rather overwhelmingly. Over the last 12 months, searches for Prince Harry’s name and the terms “hot” and “girlfriend” have a combined volume of 107,920 searches. 

2. William, Prince of Wales

Google Searches Most Attractive Royal: 31,570

William, Prince of Wales, takes second place for most attractive royals, with less than a third of the searches Harry got. Over the last 12 months, searches for Prince William, with “hot” and “girlfriend” have a total volume of over 31,000 on Google. 

3. Peter Phillips

Google Searches Most Attractive Royal: 18,600

The third most attractive royal as of 2023 is Peter Philips, the son and eldest child of Princess Anne. Search terms for his attractiveness have a combined search volume of just under 20,000 over the last 12 months. 

The most followed royals on Instagram

Most Followed Royals Instagram

1. Prince William & Princess Kate | @princeandprincessofwales

Instagram Followers: 14,900,000

The joint Instagram account of Prince William and Princess Kate of the UK is the most followed amongst royals on Instagram. Their account, @princeandprincessofwales has around 14.9 million followers. 

2. King Charles & Queen Camilla | @theroyalfamily

Instagram Followers: 13,200,000

The second most followed royal account on Instagram is that of King Charles, Queen Camilla and the larger British royal family. The account, @theroyalfamily has around 13.2 million followers as of 2023. 

3. Rania Al-Yassin | @queenrania

Instagram Followers: 10,300,000

And rounding out the top three most followed royals on Instagram, we have Queen Rania Al-Yassin of Jordan. Her account @queenrania has around 10.3 million followers, the most among accounts not shared by multiple royal family members and third overall. 

Royals with the highest Instagram earnings

Highest Instagram Earnings Royals

1. Prince William & Princess Kate | @princeandprincessofwales

Estimated Instagram Earnings per Post: $174,000

As well as being the most followed royal account on Instagram, the shared account of Will and Kate is also the highest earning on the social media platform. It’s estimated, based on follower count and post engagement, that they could earn up to $174,000 per sponsored post on Instagram.

2. King Charles & Queen Camilla | @theroyalfamily

Estimated Instagram Earnings per Post: $154,000

Coming in second place, we once again have the shared Instagram account of King Charles and Queen Camilla. The estimated earnings for the King and Queen of Britain is around $154,000 per sponsored post on Instagram. 

3. Rania Al-Yassin | @queenrania

Estimated Instagram Earnings per Post: $122,000

Having been the third most followed amongst royals on Instagram, the Queen of Jordan also has the third highest-earning Instagram account. It’s estimated that Queen Rania could earn around $122,000 per sponsored post on the social media platform. 

The most popular British royals

Most Popular British Royals

1. Queen Elizabeth II

Popularity: 80%

The late Queen Elizabeth is still the most popular royal in the UK, with more than 80% of people surveyed by YouGov having a positive opinion of her. She reigned for a long 70 years, the longest verified rule of any female head of state. 

2. Catherine, Princess of Wales

Popularity: 71%

The second most popular British royal in the United Kingdom is Kate, Princess of Wales. Around 71% of adults in the UK have a positive opinion of Kate Middleton. Furthermore, she ranked fifth based on the total number of Google searches for her in the last 12 months. 

3. William, Prince of Wales

Popularity: 69%

And in third place, we have the heir apparent to King Charles, William the Prince of Wales. Around 69% of people in the UK, just below that of his royal wife, had a positive opinion of him. Additionally, William appears to be popular worldwide, having ranked well in other areas in this report. 


To begin we took a list of all the current monarchs and royal families in the world, taking the names of each prominent family member.

We then researched the net worth of each family member, where available, using sources such as Idol Networth and Celebrity Net Worth in USD. All figures were then converted to EUR and GBP on 28/11/2023. 

We then used Google Keyword Planner to get the search volumes for each family member’s name between November 2022 and October 2023 worldwide. We got the search volume for each family member's name with the phrase “hot” and “girlfriend/boyfriend” separately. We then combined those search volumes to determine which royals people find the most attractive.

We then gave each family member a normalised score out of 10 based on each of those three factors for an overall ranking. 

Separately, we looked at the royals that have Instagram accounts, and then took their username and follower counts to determine the most followed royals on Instagram. Then, using the In Beat Instagram Calculator we were able to get the estimated earnings for each royal’s sponsored Instagram posts. 

And lastly, using YouGov, we were able to determine which British royals are the most popular in the UK as of Q3 2023.



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