Naughtiest Countries

Naughtiest Countries
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Founded in 2016, OnlyFans is an app similar to Instagram, in that it shows you a feed of pictures and videos. The main difference is that everyone’s content is behind a paywall. Additionally, there aren’t any limitations on explicit content. 

OnlyFans saw a dramatic increase in popularity during the era of covid, with the number of accounts doubling in March 2020, when employment was tenuous at best. In fact, the site has become a particularly safe place for those working in the sex industry, offering protection of themselves and their content, without exploitation. In exchange, the site takes 20% of their earnings.

With that said, our experts at Slingo have researched which countries and UK regions are the most obsessed with OnlyFans, by looking at Google search volume for OnlyFans, and some of the top creators on the site. Additionally, we have also looked at who are the biggest earners on that app. 

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The Most OnlyFans-Obsessed Countries

Top OnlyFans-Obsessed Countries

1. Australia

Number of Annual Google Searches per 10,000 People: 7,147

Australia comes out as the country with the highest number of searches relating to OnlyFans when calculated per 10,000 people. And clearly, the OnlyFans models are quite popular down under, as some of them are set to star in a new reality TV show titled Model Farmers. The reality show will have the OnlyFans models trade their glamorous lives for the gruelling life of working on a sheep farm in the Australian outback. 

2. Finland

Number of Annual Google Searches per 10,000 People: 6,422

Coming in second is Finland, with 6,422 annual Google searches per 10,000 people for OnlyFans-related content. OnlyFans recently lost a court case in the Court of Justice of the EU, which ruled the company would be taxed on the total amount paid by subscribers, not just the 20% cut the company takes, in EU countries such as Finland. Though, this change isn’t too likely to make OnlyFans shut up shop in the EU. 

3. United States

Number of Annual Google Searches per 10,000 People: 5,754

In third place, we have the United States, which in terms of total search volume had 190.9 million annual Google searches for OnlyFans. However, per 10,000 people, this figure falls to 5,754 annually. The US has the biggest OnlyFans economy, with the highest number of users in the world and the most site traffic.

Most OnlyFans-Obsessed Countries Table

The Most OnlyFans-Obsessed Counties in the UK

Top 3 OnlyFans-Obsessed Countries UK

1. Cambridgeshire

Number of Annual Google Searches per 10,000 People: 8,149

Cambridgeshire takes the top spot for the most OnlyFans-obsessed county in the UK, with 8,149 annual Google searches per 10,000 people. And it is easy to see why, as one couple made headlines, as they managed to clear their debt of £10,000 in around six months using OnlyFans. 

2. Dorset

Number of Annual Google Searches per 10,000 People: 6,843

In second place, we have Dorset, which accumulated 6,843 annual Google searches for OnlyFans, per 10,000 people. Dorset also has some OnlyFans news headlines. For example, Rebecca Goodwin has pledged to use her wealth from the app to buy houses in the area and rent them out at affordable prices, in a bid to help out low-income families.

3. Greater London

Number of Annual Google Searches per 10,000 People: 6,487

In third place, we have Greater London, with 6,487 searches annually for OnlyFans per 10,000 people. The area surrounding the English capital city was always likely to rank high, based on the sheer number of people alone. In fact, there was recently an OnlyFans mural spotted down Brick Lane, with a QR code that allowed you to sign up for the site easily.

Most OnlyFans-Obsessed Countries UK Table

OnlyFans Highest Earners in 2023

Top 3 OnlyFans Highest Earners 2023

1. Blac Chyna

Estimated OnlyFans Monthly Earnings 2023: $20M

Angelina Renee White, more commonly known as Blac Chyna, is the highest-paid creator on OnlyFans, amassing an estimated $20 million every month. The TV show star and model made X-rated content on her OnlyFans account but has recently quit, as she reportedly said she has “bigger fish to fry” and went on to talk about her rebirth, after she was baptised on her birthday in May 2022.

2. Bella Thorne

Estimated OnlyFans Monthly Earnings 2023: $11M

Bella Thorne, the American actress, singer and model broke a record in the 24 hours of being on OnlyFans, earning $1 million. She is now one of the highest earners on the site, bringing in around $11 million every month. On the site, she shares “personal content and never-before-seen images and videos”.

3. Cardi B

Estimated OnlyFans Monthly Earnings 2023: $9.43M

American rapper, Cardi B, didn’t have to go to a lot of trouble to become one of OnlyFans' biggest earners, as she posted just six times on the site. Those six photos allowed her to gain 81.7 million followers and an estimated earnings of around $9.43 million every month. Every subscriber to her OnlyFans account had the ability to direct message her and full access to all content posted on there, which isn’t explicitly x-rated.

OnlyFans Highest Earners 2023 Table


To begin, we started with a list of all the OECD countries and the largest regional counties in the UK.

To get the search volumes for each country and UK region, we used Google Keyword Planner (accessed 2/5/2023) to get the search volume of the term “OnlyFans” over the last year. We also took the search volume for each of OnlyFans 16 most popular models - using aiinfluencer and coinbound, and then added the search volume for all terms together. Finally, we then calculated the total search volume per 10,000 of each country and county's population.

We then used Briefly to record who OnlyFans top earners are as of 2023.

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