Seasonal Brainteasers

Seasonal Brainteasers
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Autumn is in full swing, and to get us into the seasonal festivities the gaming experts at Slingo have created a series of brainteasers to get you thinking. Here are the answers:


Ghosting Season

Ghost with Legs

Four in ten (40%) took over 1 minute to find the ghost with legs. 


Catting around

Cat with Witch Hat

Finding the cat in the witch's hat proved easier than you may think with four-fifths (80%) of people finding the right cat in under 30 seconds! Can you beat it?


Watch out for the spiders!

Three Spiders

It’s that time of year when our eight-legged friends come into our homes to avoid the cold, but can you find all three? Nine in ten (90%) of people took over 1 minute to find them all.


Pumpkin spice and all things mice?!

Pumpkin Patch Mice

Pumpkin picking is a right of passage at this time of year in preparation for Halloween. In this brainteaser, one in ten (10%) couldn’t find all the mice, while a fifth (20%) found all three mice in under 30 seconds.


Wrap up warm

Person with Scarf

A fifth (20%) of people cannot find the scarf in this picture - can you?


Pumpkin everything!

Pumpkin Latte

We all love the autumnal spice so it is no surprise that four-fifths (80%) of people found the pumpkin latte in under 30 seconds!


Starry night

Firework Display Star

Bonfire night is nearly here to light up our night sky. Four-fifths (80%) of people found the star in the firework display in under 20 seconds! One in ten (10%) took over a minute to find.


Hat season

People Wearing Hats

This might be a tricky one, as one in ten (10%) couldn’t find the three people wearing hats, however, four in 10 (40%) found them in less than 30 seconds!


A seasonal treat

Unique Toffee Apple

We all love a toffee apple at this time of year, so unsurprisingly almost two-thirds found the unique toffee apple in less than 30 seconds - have a go and see how you do.


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