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TikTok Earnings Report

TikTok Earnings Report
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Launched internationally in 2017, TikTok is the video-sharing platform that has taken the world by storm. Not only is it one of the fastest-growing apps in recent history but it also crossed the one billion active users threshold back in 2021.

There is no denying that TikTok has served as a creative haven for content creators. Moreover, some of the app’s most sought-after personalities are growing with immense popularity. As a result, these successful creators and influencers are also indulging in a luxury lifestyle after securing some seriously impressive profits.

According to Forbes, some of the platform’s most notable figures collectively hauled in £45.6 million ($55.5 million | €51.7 million) in 2021 alone, a 200% increase from the previous year. What’s more, data also shows that 52% of the highest-earning influencers on TikTok, are males.

As TikTok’s popularity continues to soar and gain billions in the process, it begs the question - who are the highest-earners to have made it into TikTok’s hall of fame?

To find out who the most successful content creators are on one of the world’s most popular apps, our UK online bingo experts took a deeper dive into the earnings of the most famous users on TikTok.

TikTok’s highest-earners

TikTok Highest Earners

1. Khabane Lame 

TikTok Handle: @khaby.lame 

Earnings Per Post: £127,483 | $153,800 | €144,832

Widely known as Khaby, Khabane Lame is a Senegalese-born Italian social media personality. Famous for his TikTok videos where he silently mocks overly complicated life hack videos, Lame is currently the most-followed user on the popular app with a total of over 143 million followers.

The viral video creator is TikTok’s highest earner and is said to make estimated earnings of £127,483 ($153,800 | €144,832) per post.

2. Charli D’Amelio 

TikTok Handle: @charlidamelio 

Earnings Per Post: £123,505 | $149,000 | €140,312

Dubbed ‘the face of TikTok’, the American social media personality, Charli D’Amelio follows closely behind as the second highest earner on TikTok.

Starting her social media career in 2019, the competitive dancer started by posting dance videos. She has secured over a whopping 10.9 billion likes and 142 million followers during her time on the video-sharing platform. This has resulted in her earning an estimated £123,505 ($149,000 | €140,312) per post. 

3. Bella Poarch 

TikTok Handle: @bellapoarch

Earnings Per Post: £76,755 | $92,600 | €87,200

Known professionally as Bella Poarch, Denarie Taylor is a Phillippine-born American singer and social media personality. She is currently the third highest earner on TikTok, securing approximately £76,755 ($92,600 | €87,200) per post.

TikTok Highest Earners Table

The UK’s Highest-earning TikTokers

TikTok Highest Earners UK

1. Kyle Thomas

TikTok Handle: @kylethomas | Followers: 32,200,000 | Likes: 1,500,000,000

Earnings Per Post: £28,682 | $34,600 | €32,571

Majorly known for his fun lip-syncs and quirky food-tasting videos, Kyle Thomas is the most followed content creator in the UK with more than 32 million followers. The 18-year-old has also secured over a whopping 1.5 billion likes on TikTok. Due to his level of popularity, it is estimated that he makes around £28,682 ($34,600 | €32,57) per post. 

2. Jamil & Jamel Neffati 

TikTok Handle: @neffatibrothers | Followers: 17,800,000 | Likes: 431,200,000

Earnings Per Post: £15,087 | $18,200 | €17,133

Next on the list is the TikTok twin sensation, Jamil and Jamel Neffati, coming in second place as one of the UK’s most followed influencers. Keeping up with the latest TikTok trends, these social media stars have accumulated over 431 million likes and currently have a following of almost 18 million. As a result, it is estimated that they earn £15,087 around ($18,200 | €17,133) per post. 

3. Abby Roberts

TikTok Handle: @abbyroberts | Followers: 16,900,000 | Likes: 1,400,000,000

Earnings Per Post: £14,036 | $17,000 | €15,840

TikTok star, Abby Roberts takes third place on the list. The 21-year-old is well-known for her makeup talents. Born and raised in Leeds, she is said to be one of TikTok’s biggest beauty creators. Her account currently has nearly 17 million followers and over 1.4 billion likes. With this level of success is it estimated that Abby makes around £14,036 ($17,000 | €15,840) on each post.

TikTok Highest Earners UK Table

TikTok’s highest-earning celebrities

TikTok Highest Earning Celebrities

1. Will Smith 

TikTok Handle: @willsmith 

Earnings Per Post: £60,509 | $73,000 | €68,743

When it comes to the highest-earning celebrities, the famous American actor and rapper, Will Smith tops the list. Research shows that he earns an estimated £60,509 ( $73,000 | €68,743) per TikTok post. The famous ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ star has also acquired over 72 million TikTok followers. 

2. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson 

TikTok Handle: @therock

Earnings Per Post: £53,298 | $64,301 | €60,552

Ranking in second place is the American actor and wrestler, Dwayne Johnson. Famously known by his ring name, The Rock. The former WWE star earns approximately £53,298 ($64,301 | €60,552) per post on the video-sharing platform. 

3. Jason Derulo 

TikTok Handle: @jasonderulo 

Earnings Per Post: £47,081 | $56,800 | €53,488

Popular singer and songwriter, Jason Derulo comes in third place as the highest-earning celebrity on TikTok. With more than 52 million followers, he is estimated to make £47,081 ($56,800 | €53,488) per post.

TikTok Highest Earning Celebrities

TikTok’s highest-earning influencers

TikTok Highest Earning Celebrities Table

1. Addison Rae

TikTok Handle: @addisonre | Followers: 87,814,711

Earnings Per Post: £73,523 | $88,700 | €83,528

Addison Rae tops the list as the highest-earning influencer on TikTok. The American social media personality and actress has accumulated 5.7 billion likes and has almost 90 million followers since first starting TikTok. It is estimated that the 22 year makes £73,523 ($88,700 | €83,528) on every post. 

2. Dominik Lipa 

TikTok Handle: @domelipa | Followers: 53,870,320

Earnings Per Post: £51,392 | $62,001 | €58,386

Social media starlet, Dominik Lipa ranks in second position. The popular Mexican social personality and model has amassed over 53 million fans and is expected to make an estimated £51,392 ($62,001 | €58,386). 

3. Loren Gray 

TikTok Handle: @lorengray | Followers: 54,442,540

Earnings Per Post: £45,175 | $54,500 | €51,322

Starting her TikTok career at just 13 years old, Loren Gray was the most-followed individual on the video-sharing platform back in 2019. The American social media influencer now has over 54 million followers and earns an estimated £45,175 ($54,500 | €51,322) per TikTok post.

TikTok Highest Earning Influencers

TikTok’s highest-earning singers

TikTok Highest Earning Singers

1. Bella Poarch 

TikTok Handle: @bellapoarch | Followers: 90,017,182 

Earnings Per Post: £76,755 | $92,600 | €87,200

The Inferno singer, Bella Poarch takes first place as the highest-earning singer on the popular social media app. Not only has she made six top tracks but Bella has also signed a music record deal with Warner Records. Hence, it is no surprise that she currently earns around £76,755  ($92,600 | €87,200) per post on TikTok and has over 90 million fans who support her. 

2. Kimberly Loaiza 

TikTok Handle: @kimberly.loaiza | Followers: 63,717,605

Earnings Per Post: £58,188 | $70,200 | €66,107

Kimberly Loaiza, ranks in second place, the Mexican singer first began her career on YouTube, she is now the seventh most followed user on the app. With more than 63 million supporters on TikTok alone, the social media star is expected to make £58,188 ($70,200 | €66,107) per post. 

3. Dixie D’Amelio 

TikTok Handle: @dixiedamelio | Followers: 57,336,986

Earnings Per Post: £47,661 | $57,500 | €54,147

Dixie D’Amelio comes in third place. The American singer and social media personality is widely known for her TikTok videos. Though she is Charli D’Amelio’s older sister, she has taken a very different career path. Having made hits such as ‘Be Happy’ and more recently ‘Someone to Blame,’ this popular singer has over 57 million fans on the app and makes a cool £47,661 ($57,500 | €54,147) on every post.

TikTok’s highest-earning dancers

TikTok Highest Earning Dancers

1. Charli D’Amelio 

TikTok Handle: @charlidamelio | Followers: 142,464,260 

Earnings Per Post: £123,505 | $149,000 | €140,312

Currently both the highest earning and most followed female on the app, it's no surprise that Charli D’Amelio also takes the top spot as the dancer who makes the most on TikTok, earning an estimated £123,505 ($149,000 | €140,312) for each post. 

2. Michael Le 

TikTok Handle: @justmaiko | Followers: 51,345,774

Earnings Per Post: £43,351 | $52,300 | €49,250

The American dancer and choreographer, Micheal Le is one of the most followed people with more than 51 million followers on TikTok. He is also one of the highest earners in his career as a professional dancer. The social media star makes an estimated £43,351 ($52,300 | €49,250) in revenue, per TikTok post. 

3. JoJo Siwa  

TikTok Handle: @itsjojosiwa | Followers: 41,711,083

Earnings Per Post: £36,637 | $44,200 | €41,623

Widely known for her appearance on Dance Moms, the American dancer JoJo Siwa comes in third place. With a following of 41 million fans, the 19-year-old star makes approximately £36,637 ($44,200 | €41,623) for her TikTok posts.

TikTok’s highest-earning comedians

TikTok Highest Earning Comedians

1. Khabane Lame 

TikTok Handle: @khaby.lame | Followers: 143,250,930 

Earnings Per Post: £127,483 | $153,800 | €144,832

When it comes to top tier comedians on TikTok, Khabane Lame ranks first place. Known as TikTok’s silent star, Khabane rose to fame in 2020 - he is now the most followed TikToker in the world. Not only does he have an impressive following of 143 million supporters but he earns an estimated £127,483 ( $153,800 | €144,832)

2. Kris Collins 

TikTok Handle: @kallmekris | Followers: 44,248,332

Earnings Per Post: £39,455 | $47,600 | €44,824

Known for her comedy skits, Kris Collins takes second place as one of the highest-earning comedians on the popular video-sharing platform. With over 44 million followers, the Canadian TikTok personality is expected to make £39,455 ($47,600 | €44,824) on each post. 

3. Junya Gou  

TikTok Handle: @junya1gou | Followers: 42,593,082

Earnings Per Post: £35,808 | $43,200 | €40,681

The Japanese TikToker, Junya Gou is well-known for his funny videos. He is not only hugely popular on TikTok with over 42 million followers but he is currently the most subscribed YouTuber in Japan. He makes approximately £35,808 ($43,200 | €40,681) in revenue per most.

Highest-earning female TikTokers

TikTok Highest Earning Female

1. Charli D’Amelio 

TikTok Handle: @charlidamelio | Followers: 142,464,260 

Earnings Per Post: £123,505 | $149,000 | €140,312

It comes as no surprise that TikTok star Charli D’Amelio takes the top spot as the highest-earning female. She is also the second highest-earner on the popular video-sharing platform. With a follower count of 142 million, she makes £123,505 ($149,000 | €140,312) which is 3.2% less than Khabane Lame who is currently the highest-earning TikToker. 

2. Bella Poarch 

TikTok Handle: @bellapoarch | Followers: 90,017,182 

Earnings Per Post: £76,755 | $92,600 | €87,200

With a following of 90 million fans, Bella Poarch follows behind as the second highest earning female on TikTok. Not only does the singer and former Navy star earn an estimated £76,755 ($92,600 | €87,200) per post but she is also the third highest-earner on TikTok. 

3. Addison Rae

TikTok Handle: @addisonre | Followers: 87,814,711

Earnings Per Post: £73,523 | $88,700 | €83,528

Making it into the Forbes “30 Under 30” list for social media influencers, Addison Rae is ranked as one of the highest-earning personalities on TikTok. With more than 87 million followers, she makes £73,523 ($88,700 | €83,528).

TikTok Highest Earning Female Table

Highest-earning male TikTokers

TikTok Highest Earning Male

1. Khabane Lame 

TikTok Handle: @khaby.lame | Followers: 143,250,930 

Earnings Per Post: £127,483 | $153,800 | €144,832

Going by the TikTok Handle, @khaby.lame, the Senegalese-born Italian social media personality, Khabane Lame is the highest-earning male TikToker. He is also the most followed person on the platform with a follower count of 143 million. Due to his immense success, he makes an estimated £127,483 ($153,800 | €144,832). 

2. Will Smith 

TikTok Handle: @willsmith | Followers: 72,281,148

Earnings Per Post: £60,509 | $73,000 | €68,743

Popular actor and producer, Will Smith ranks as the second highest earning male on TikTok. The ‘Men in Black’ actor is also the highest-earning celebrity, making a cool £60,509 ($73,000 | €68,743) per post. 

3. Burak Özdemir

TikTok Handle: @cznburak | Followers: 59,199,075

Earnings Per Post: £55,287 ($66,700 | €62,811)

Turkish chef, Burak Özdemir follows behind as the third highest-earning male TikToker. Nicknamed CZN, Burak has become a social media sensation, best known for his creative cooking skills. It is estimated that he makes £55,287 ($66,700 | €62,811) per post and has a healthy following of 59 million followers.

TikTok Highest Earning Male Table

Most popular senior TikTok influencers

TikTok Highest Earning Senior

1. Lynn Davis

TikTok Handle: @cookingwithlynja | Followers: 14,900,000 | Location USA

Earnings Per Post: £11,735 | $14,500 | €13,391

Lynn Davis, known as Lynja on social media, ranks in first place on our list as one of the most popular senior influencers on TikTok. At the age of 74 years old, the Japanese-American well-known for her cooking has amassed a following of almost 15 million followers on the popular video-sharing platform. As a result, it is estimated that Lynja earns £11,735 ($14,500 | €13,391) per post. 

2. Old Gays

TikTok Handle: @oldgays | Followers: 10,000,000 | Location USA

Earnings Per Post: £7,607 | $9,400 | €8,681

Old Gays following behind, this group of senior TikTokers consist of four men - Robert Reeves (78), Bill Lyons (77), Jersey Martin (68) and Mick Peterson (65). Located in the USA this group of friends have quickly gained popularity accumulating a whopping 10 million followers on TikTok. When it comes to their earnings per post, they are expected to make £7,607 ($9,400 | €8,681). 

3. Lillian Droniak

TikTok Handle: @grandma_droniak | Followers: 7,000,000 | Location USA

Earnings Per Post: £5,180 | $6,401 | €5,911

Coming in third place is the viral sensation, Lillian Droniak. The 92-year-old American grandma made headlines after publishing sassy videos on the video-sharing platform. She currently has 7 million followers and is said to make around £5,180 ($6,401 | €5,911) per post.

Most popular TikTok gaming influencers

TikTok Highest Earning Gaming Influencers

1. Lucky.Maker 

TikTok Handle: @lucky.maker | Followers: 6,500,000 | Likes: 57,300,000 

Earnings Per Post: £5,245 | $6,491 | €5,972

In first place on our list is the American gamer who goes by the name of Lucky Maker. This pro gamer currently has over 6.5 million followers and an impressive 57.3 million likes on TikTok. Lucky Maker is expected to make £5,245 ($6,491 | €5,972) per post. 

2. Austyn Brown

TikTok Handle: @ajrbrown | Followers: 5,800,000 | Likes: 221,400,000

Earnings Per Post: £4,767 | $5,900 | €5,428

Austyn Brown follows in second place with a total of 5.8 million followers and a whopping 221.4 million likes. It is estimated that the American Game Developer earns  £4,767 ($5,900 | €5,428) per post. 

3. Manny Chetrit

TikTok Handle: @fortnitetiktoks38 | 2,500,000 | Likes: 35,700,000

Earnings Per Post: £1,999 | $2,474 | €2,276

Ranked in third place is the Canadian gamer, Manny Chetrit. Going by @fortnitetiktoks38 on TikTok, the gaming content creator currently has 2.5 million followers on the popular video-sharing platform and 35.7 million likes. As a result, he makes approximately £1,999  ($2,474 | €2,276) on every post.

Countries with the most TikTokers

Most TikTokers Countries

1. USA

Number of TikTok users: 140,600,000

When it comes to the country with the most TikTok users, the USA takes the top spot. There are approximately 140 million users from the United States on the video-sharing platform. This comes as no surprise as the country also currently has the most successful influencers on TikTok such as Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. 

2. Indonesia 

Number of TikTok users: 106,900,000

Indonesia ranks in second place as the country with the most TikTok users. This is unsurprising as Asia as a whole has produced some of the most successful influencers on the popular video-sharing platform. It is estimated that there are approximately 106,900,000 users in Indonesia alone. 

3. Brazil

Number of TikTok users: 74,000,000

Brazil follows behind, ranking in third place. The South American country is said to have an estimated 74 million users on TikTok, it is also one of the fastest-growing markets on the list.

Most TikTokers Countries Table


To find out the most popular content creators on TikTok, SocialTracker was used. This took into account the top TikTok users with the most followers, likes and posts and ranked them in order. This also had a top ten ranking of the most popular TikTokers in different countries. This did not take into account business accounts, only individual TikTok accounts.

Figures on the location and niche of the top 50 users on TikTok were taken from 2022’s TikTok Rich List. Due to the fact that many people on the list fit into multiple categories we only selected the niche they are most known for by way of differentiation. This data was ranked in order and also looks at the top earners based on cost per post.

For the most recent figures on the estimated earnings per post, a TikTok Money Calculator was used. The highest estimates were taken into account for consistency. Currency was taken from USD and was then converted into GBP and EUR.

Information on the TikTok senior influencer section primarily used sources such as New York Post and Screen Rant to find out the most popular seniors. We then used the TikTok money calculator to find and estimate how much they make per post, however, figures were ranked based on follower count rather than earnings. 

We sourced the information for the countries with the most TikTokers using Oberlo, which shows the figures for the number of users in the top 10 countries worldwide.

In order to gather data for the gaming influencers section, we used Collabstr and gathered 50 different gaming content creators. Using the TikTok money calculator we got an estimate of how much they make per post. Figures were ranked based on each player’s follower count in order to find the most popular gamers.


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