World Cup Brainteasers

World Cup Brainteasers
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The World Cup has officially started and the gaming experts at Slingo have put together a series of brainteasers to get you thinking while your World Cup energy is flowing. 

Can you find the World Cup trophy?

World Cup Trophy

This might be a tricky one to start with. Three in ten took over 1 minute to find the World Cup trophy, and two in ten even gave up before finding the hidden trophy.


World Cup Trophy Answer

Can you find the football?


Two in ten took under 10 seconds to find the football, and half of respondents took less than 30 seconds. Can you do better? 


Football Answer

Can you find the player missing a boot?

Player Missing Boot

This was a tough one, but one in ten found the player with the missing boot in only three seconds! Two in ten people took less than 20 seconds to spot him, while one in ten took more than one minute overall. Have a go and see how you do!


Player Missing Boot Answer

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