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Monopoly Live Slot Machine

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Try Monopoly Live for the latest twist on one of the nation’s best-loved board games! Watch as a live host spins a giant wheel and try to guess which segment it will land on in this interactive extravaganza. You’ll love the exclusive bonus round, where a virtual Mr Monopoly strolls around the board collecting prizes and multipliers for you along the way!
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  • £2,500Max. Bet
  • £250,000Max. Win
  • £1.00Min. Bet
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Monopoly Live Game Description

Monopoly has been delighting audiences worldwide since 1935 with its unique property-chasing theme and thrilling game of chance. Its latest exciting incarnation is Monopoly Live, an immersive online game with a live dealer brought to you by video streaming.

As the dealer spins the giant wheel in real time, you’ll be invited to guess which segment it will land on. Just like in the traditional game, it’s possible to land on a Chance segment and win a random cash prize or a multiplier bonus!

The Monopoly Live game also features a surprise bonus game that transports you to Mr Monopoly’s 3D augmented reality world, where he’ll walk around the familiar board as you roll the dice to determine his path!

Monopoly Live is also fully optimised for desktop and mobile use, so you can play whenever and wherever the mood takes you.

How to Play Monopoly Live Slot Online

Playing Monopoly Live online is easy. Before the game begins, you’ll see a live dealer standing in front of a giant numbered wheel. At the bottom of the screen is a table where you can place your bets. You’ll need to decide on the size of your chips and then which number you think the wheel will land on.

There are four main outcomes to choose from in Monopoly Live: the numbers 1, 2, 5 or 10. There are also a couple of bonus options – ‘2 rolls’ and ‘4 rolls’ as well as two segments labelled ‘chance.’

The numbers have different payouts that are related to how often they appear on the board. For example, the numbers that appear less frequently like 5 and 10 have higher odds, whereas those that appear more frequently (1 and 2) have lower odds.

The bonus round is activated when you have placed a bet on either ‘2 rolls’ or ‘4 rolls’ and the wheel has landed in the corresponding segment.

Watch as Mr Monopoly jumps up from his chair to take a trip around the board and roll the dice either twice or four times, depending on what your bet was. Whichever square he lands on, a multiplier will be added to your original stake.

And just like in the original game, it’s up to chance where he lands – you might win more cash prizes, more rolls, or even have to pay a fee!

When no more dice rolls are left in the bonus game, you’ll be transported back to the original game and any bonus winnings will be paid along with the original bet.

Monopoly Live Characters and Features

The main character is, of course, Mr Monopoly himself! This jolly old chap springs to action as soon as you trigger the bonus round, strolling around the board to win you multipliers and cash prizes.

It’s also important to familiarise yourself with the value of the numbers on the wheel.

There are 22 segments marked with a number 1 on the wheel, which pays out 1/1.

15 segments are marked with a number 2, which pays out 2/1.

7 segments are marked with a number 5, which pays out 5/1.

4 segments are marked with a number 10, which pays out 10/1.

There are 2 ‘chance’ segments that activate a real money prize or a random cash multiplier when you land on them.

The segments marked ‘2 rolls’ and ‘4 rolls’ activate the special bonus round and the equivalent number of dice rolls within this round.

The bonus round is one of the most exciting features of Monopoly Live, as players are transported to an augmented reality 3D Monopoly board using the latest in gaming technology. Watch as Mr Monopoly strolls around the board collecting for you prizes as he goes in this inner-city setting complete with a green park and towering skyscrapers.

Another great feature of Monopoly Live is its interactivity – you can chat with the live dealer and the other players via a live chat throughout the game, creating a friendly and immersive atmosphere reminiscent of the real board game.

Monopoly Live FAQs

Q: What’s the minimum I can bet?
A: The minimum bet is £1.

Q: How do I activate the bonus round?
A: To activate the bonus round, you need to place a bet on either ‘2 rolls’ or ‘4 rolls’. If the wheel then lands on the value you chose, you’ll activate the bonus round and Mr Monopoly will spring to life!

Q: What happens if I don’t place my bet in time?
A: Don’t worry! There’s a timer at the bottom of the screen to show you how long you have left to make a bet. But if you do miss a round, just sit back, relax and chat with the other players or simply watch the reel go round until you’re ready to bet again.

Q: Can I play Monopoly Live on my mobile?
A: Of course! All of our casino games are fully optimised for both mobile and desktop use, meaning you can play Monopoly Live wherever and whenever you feel like it.

Monopoly Live Slot Game on Slingo

Monopoly Live offers an exciting twist on your favourite board game! Watch as a live dealer spins the wheel to decide your fortune, and follow Mr Monopoly around the board in the bonus feature to see what prizes he can win for you. Take a Chance with Monopoly Live at!

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