Breaking Bad

Loved the show? Then you'll definitely love IGT's Breaking Bad slot, filled with all the action and drama you need! Not to mention the rule-breaking Instant Wins ready to come your way


All you need to do is match up to 5 numbers to get the Instant Wins going! Get
a bit of luck on your side and prepare yourself for some action-packed wins.

How to play

Use the (+) and (-) buttons to choose your TICKET COST amount, then hit BUY.
You'll see five ‘Au' (gold) symbols in the ‘Winning Numbers' section and
fifteen ‘Ag' (silver) symbols in the ‘Your Numbers' section.

Match any Winning Number to any Your Number. Certain special symbols will lead
to you to extra prizes to keep you going!

Tap each symbol in each section to reveal the numbers or click REVEAL ALL to
show the numbers automatically. The ‘Winning Numbers' section will reveal five
numbers under each ‘Au' symbol. The ‘Your Numbers' section will show a number
with a prize value, a Skylar symbol, a Jesse symbol or a Walter symbol under
each ‘Ag' symbol.

If any ‘Winning Numbers' match any of ‘Your Numbers,' you'll win the
corresponding prize. A Skylar symbol will get you a dazzling instant win
prize, a Jesse symbol will double that number's prize value and a Walter
symbol awards five times that number's prize value! Good luck and get those
numbers matching!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 85.00%, which means for every £100 staked,
the expected return would be £85.00.