Colour Cubes

It's time to show your true colours right here at Slingo - and see if you can get your hands on a cheeky instant win! Hit GO and start the party.


For you to nab that sparkling Instant Win, the game needs to pinpoint the Star
cube, and if it pinpoints the Bomb cube you could be in for some enviable wins
seeing as it can clear many boxes at once. Keep your fingers crossed, and
let's hope your win total is as colourful as the game!

How to play

Don't worry if you've never played Match 3 style games before - this one is so
straightforward that beginners will get the hang of it in no time.
Increase/decrease your TICKET COST using the (+) and (-) buttons provided, and
click GO when you're ready to get your show on the road. Alternatively, you
can hit AUTOPLAY if you'd rather let the game play out automatically.
Decisions, decisions

The aim of the game is to collect any horizontally or vertically adjacent
cubes to the one that the game has pinpointed for you. If you manage to
collect enough cubes of the same colour, you'll win the prize associated with
that cube. Good luck!

A Bomb cube will allow you to collect ALL cubes that are fully adjacent to the
boms, and if a Star cube is pinpointed, you'll get your hands on an Instant
Win! Nice. You'll get nine turns in total, and your game will end when these
have finished. Enjoy!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 85.00%, which means for every £100 staked,
the expected return would be £85.00.