Golden Money Frog

Jump from money pod to money pod as the Golden Money Frog brings you good fortune. Reach the golden Lilies where the big prizes are waiting


Golden Money Frog is based on the Feng Shui charm for prosperity, this
creature is said to appear in advance of good wealth! What a perfect way to
rack up the wins surrounded with good symbols of fortune? You can choose to
activate up to 50 paylines to get the wins even more frequent or tune it down
to 30 to play it safe. How will you be playing today?

How to play

Use the (+) and (-) buttons on the bottom reel to adjust your Total Stake.
Once you're happy with the amount, hit spin and watch your luck come to life.
Slot through the 20 paylines and hope that you unlock some of the money-making
bonus rounds:


This can be unlocked randomly during any base game spin. It will upgrade that
spin from the standard 20 paylines to 30, 40 or 50 active paylines.


The Golden Money frog will move across the pond, one Lily at a time. Each Lily
awards a multiplier which will be added to the bonus winnings meter. Press the
jump button and the Frog will jump either left or right into the water, or
they reach the Golden Lily when the bonus is over, and you will be given the
value collected in the bonus win meter!


Unlock this by finding special Scatter symbols on the reels. You could win 1
of 3 Jackpot awards: Gold Jackpot, Silver Jackpot, Bronze Jackpot or, win a
consolation Money Pond Bonus.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95%, which means for every £100 staked, the
expected return would be £95.00. Please note, bonus wagering is disabled on
this slot.

When the fun stops, stop