Greedy Goblinz

It's time to meet our very own Greedy Goblinz - the impish little critters who'll lead you through this totally unique game at Slingo!


Gone are the reels and paylines of traditional slot gaming in this game - and in step the Greedy Goblinz, just waiting to gobble up a feast of wins for you! Once you've sussed out the rules (like which Goblin can eat which and what to do when the Blight Outbreak hits!) you'll be hooked, especially as you could win up to 100x your stake


The first thing you'll find when you load this game to play is a 6x6 grid which can be filled with 36 Greedy Goblinz - yep, it's nearly time to get up close and personal with them! The aim of the game is to get as many Goblinz eating each other as possible to get WINS. You'll come across 3 different types of Goblin, but don't worry, they're super easy to tell apart: the 1-eyed small Goblin, the 2-eyed medium Goblin and the 3-eyed large Goblin. These Goblinz can eat each other, but only according to these rules:

  • 3-eyed Goblinz can eat 2-eyed Goblinz
  • 2-eyed Goblinz can eat 1-eyed Goblinz
  • 1-eyed Goblinz can't eat any other Goblinz

Once you've acquainted yourself with the whys, whats and whereabouts of your new Goblin pals, it'll be time to place your bet! Stake anything from 5p-£100, then hit START to get the game going; at which the Goblinz will fall from the top and fill your grid. Beginning at the top of each column and moving down, each Goblin will ‘check' the one above it in turn; if it can eat the one above, it will. A Goblin who successfully eats the Goblin above will become bloated, then eventually POP to award a win!

This systematic Goblin eating will keep going until no more Goblinz can be eaten and no more wins can be awarded. There's a chance you could get multiple wins in a single ‘drop' of Goblinz, all the way up to 6 WINS! Plus, bonus prizes could also be dropped onto the grid, in the form of Silver Coins, Gold Coins and Diamonds; these can be eaten by any Goblin for an extra win.


This game has a theoretical RTP of 94.96% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £94.96. Please note, bonus cash cannot be wagered on this game.

When the fun stops, stop