Slot It In

Get yourself ready to score the goal of a lifetime as Slot It In prepares you for one competitive match. Show off your skills and you'll be walking away with a sparkling prize


Slot It In! is a 5-reel football fanatic slot featuring 10 paylines for you to
kick about on. Strike your way to victory as you tackle down your opponents
and get those goals coming in. The Bonus round will keep your lucky streak
going as it doubles up some lucky symbols, giving you the best payout possible

How to play

Before you head onto the pitch, select your Bet by clicking on the Main Menu
icon and selecting Bet value. You can then choose your Bet amount, once that's
set, hit SPIN and run onto the pitch! The Auto play option will be present if
you wish to use it. Just select it then choose the number of spins you'd like
to play out. Auto play can be ended at any time.


The bonus round will begin when each reel has 3 of the same symbols from top
to bottom. Each reel might have a different symbol to another, but the
individual reel must be made up entirely of one symbol. During this round,
press the start button to randomly select a reel, all reels that already have
the selected symbol will stay in place, those that don't will re-spin and land
with either 1, 2 oe 3 of those symbols.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.15%, which means for every £100 staked,
the expected return would be £95.15.

When the fun stops, stop