Sunken Treasure Instant Win

Discover the golden treasure that's fallen to the bottom of the ocean floor, only you can find it! Swim through Sharks and other creatures as you make your way through this salty journey


Sunken Treasure is an Instant Win game to keep those riches coming! It also
comes along with a Wild symbol to double your wins and have you swimming for

How to play

Before you prepare yourself for the salty seas, set your Bet amount, then
you're ready to tale the plunge! Sunken Treasure is a 3 symbol Instant Win
pull tab game with 4 tabs per game. The Shark symbol acts as a Wild and
multiplies your wins by x2. Find 2 Shark symbols and you'll receive a x4
multiplier! Start spinning in the sea to see what gold is lurking about. Want
to know wha symbols to look out for? Check the list below:

3 x Shark = Bet x500
3 x Crown = Bet x50
3 x Cannon = Bet x10
3 x Chest = Bet x5
3x Fish = Bet x 2
3 x Starfish = Bet x1

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.00%, which means for every £100 staked,
the expected return would be £95.00

When the fun stops, stop