The Voice

Do you have what it takes to spin the Judges' chairs around? Hit the red button and light up the musical notes to win show-stopping prizes!


Instant wins, instant prizes and instant talent loaded into one superstar slot! You've got 7 rounds to show the Judges' what you've got! Hit those high notes to magic up some prizes and look out for The Voice symbol, it holds something extra-special


Set your Bet and get ready for the performance of a lifetime. Each game gives you 7 rounds to press the Red button and spin the judges' chairs around. Musical notes will light up the prize columns in each round, if a Prize column fills then you win!! Discover The Voice logo and win an Instant prize, what could it be?

Sing your heart out to find out!


This game has a theoretical RTP of 85.00%, which means for every £100 staked, the expected return would be £85.00.

When the fun stops, stop