Win Sprint Instant Win

If you're a fan of Instant Win games then you'll LOVE Realistic's snazzy pull tab game. Win Sprint can get you a maximum payout of 1000x your bet per tab - if you're lucky! Keep your fingers crossed and see if those all-important winning combinations make an appearance for you


Whether you've played Instant Win games before or not, this one is so easy to
get to grips with, so you'll be pulling back those tabs in no time! Speaking
of tabs, there are 4 of them in this game, each independent of each other,
meaning you'll get 4 chances per game to nab a win! Simply pull the tabs back,
and if you get a winning combination of symbols like 3 of a kind or 2 of a
kind with a Wild, you'll get a prize! The maximum payout PER GAME is a
whopping 4000x your bet - so it's all to play for

How to play

You can't start pulling those tabs until you've set your bet, so head to the
main menu icon to do this. You'll find the main menu above the clock at the
bottom-right of your game screen. Found it? Nice. Choose from the bet amounts
shown, and click START when you're happy. Easy peasy!

There's also an autoplay feature if you'd rather sit back and watch the game
play out for you. If you choose this option, select the number of games you'd
like to be played (up to 100), the maximum loss amount and a win value to stop
at when it is reached in the game.

Keep your eyes peeled for the cheeky Wild symbols, because they can substitute
for all symbols and can even multiply a win line by the amount shown. If they
pop up in your winning line, you could be in for a treat! Especially as 2
Wilds in a win line will multiply that win by both of the numbers shown - for
example 5 x 5 = 25. Think of the wins you could get thanks to these beauties!

Here's what's up for grabs:

  • 3 x Red Seven = Bet x 40
  • 3 x Bell = Bet x 10
  • 3 x Strawberry = Bet x 5
  • 3 x Grape = Bet x 3
  • 3 x Plum = Bet x 2
  • 3 x Orange = Bet x 1
  • 1 x Wild on winning line = Multiplies win by value
  • 2 x Wild on winning line = Multiplies win by both values

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.00%, which means for every £100 staked,
the expected return would be £95.00.

When the fun stops, stop